Priests living in fear

Catholic Priests who are critical of the Patriotic Front government are living in constant fear as a result of continued threats from the powers that be, Chipata Diocese Bishop George Lungu has revealed.
During question and answer session at Kapingila House in Lusaka yesterday, Bishop Lungu said that most priests were living in constant fear because of threats and harassment from politicians.
Bishop Lungu said this after journalists asked him about what was happening to Father Viateur Banyangandora after returning to Zambia, following his deportation last year.
Bishop Lungu said that the Priest and others have taken a low profile because of intimidation, threats and harassment from the political leadership.
The PF government deported Fr. Banyangandora in August 2012 after giving a homily which was perceived to be inciting people to rise against the PF government.
“Fr. Viatuer is around and he is doing Gods’ work. The only challenge our Priests are facing is intimidation, threats and harassment by the State apparatus. Our Priests have been receiving threats, weird phone calls from the powers that be and this should come to an end,” said Bishop Lungu.
Fr. Lungu said that the Church had to fight hard in order for Fr. Banyangandora to back to Zambia in order for him to continue doing the work of God.

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  1. The Church should be fearless,especially now when the constitution-making process has reached a critical stage.

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