United opposition irreversible crusade, says Siliya

The process of a united opposition is irreversible, says former Petauke Central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya, who has called on leaders of the opposition political parties to ignore media propaganda that has been launched to create disunity among the opposition.
Siliya has called on opposition political party leaders to call for a meeting where they would discuss matters of a united opposition stating that differences and disagreements were normal in a civilized political environment.
She wondered why some sections of the media were hyping the idea of a united opposition before discussions were concluded.
“This process of having a united opposition is irreversible and no amount of propaganda against leaders of the opposition political parties will break the spirit of a united opposition. When leaders from different political parties to discuss matters of common good, it is normal to differ and that does not mean that a united opposition has failed. As the MMD, our strong belief is that no position or individual in the alliance is sacred and that is why we are ready to give up the presidency purely for the sake of the many suffering Zambians,” Siliya said.
Siliya said as far as the MMD was concerned, no position in an alliance was sacred and that was why the former ruling party was ready to lead by example by giving up the presidency if that was what it was going to take to remove the Patriotic Front (PF) from government for causing untold misery to Zambians.
She said there was nothing wrong for leaders whose vision was to serve Zambians to differ and disagree because that was what was going to strengthen a united and mature opposition.
She told the Daily Nation that the general public had been calling for a united opposition and that the MMD having been in power for two decades and having lost elections had learnt to listen to the voices of the people on the ground.Siliya said there was need for the opposition to find common ground under which they would work together but cautioned that the PF was scared of a united opposition because that was a threat to their political survival.Siliya said her party was aware that alliances had failed before but that political parties had learnt their lessons and were now ready than before to go to the next elections as a solid and united opposition.