Mulenga Sata is our candidate-PF youths

The ruling Patriotic Front party will today hold the long awaited district elections at which new office bearers will be elected.
Contesting the district chairmanship are Mulenga Sata and Goodson Banda whom President Michael Sata said should not be allowed to contest any position together with his counterpart Robert Chikwelete.
But Benja Siwila, the Lusaka district PF vice secretary has now called for the probing of the former Lusaka district chairman, Banda for alleged misappropriation and misapplication of party funds.
Efforts to get Banda failed as his mobile phone had been switched off but Robert Chikwelete when contacted said they were in a meeting and told the reporter to call back later.
Benja said the youths in Lusaka had resolved to have Mulenga Sata as their new PF district chairman because he was the only candidate who could easily unite the party that has remained divided since Banda was ousted by Robert Chikwelete.
The PF youth district vice secretary said it was Banda and his group that had caused a lot of confusion in the party because they were against the endorsement of President Michael Sata because their preferred candidate was secretary general Wynter Kabimba.
He said Banda together with Lusaka Province PF chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe and former Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba had led an onslaught against members who had endorsed President Sata and that it would be politically incorrect for the group to be allowed to take control of the district.
Siwila said Banda had embarked on a campaign to slander Mulenga Sata by attacking the Lusaka deputy Mayor accusing him of using the name of President Sata to bully other contenders in the in the elections slated for tomorrow.
He said what Banda and his group did during the time the youths were demonstrating against Kabimba and demanding for his expulsion from the party had injured a lot of members of the party and that the general membership were angry that the group that had been against President Sata were planning to reclaim the top position of the party in the district. Siwila said when the youths discovered that Banda was working against the party and that he was allegedly involved in the misapplication of party funds, it was not difficult to remove him because President Sata had acknowledged their action.
He wondered why Banda was even contemplating challenging Sata when President Sata had banned him (Banda) and Chikwelete from contesting the position of party district chairman. He said it was not true that Mulenga Sata was imposing himself but that the general membership of the party was of strong view that the Lusaka City deputy Mayor would bring true reconciliation in the party.