Sata can’t govern Zambia through face book

It is totally unacceptable for President Michael Sata to govern this country via face book and he must come to terms that Zambians will continue demanding that he should start addressing press conferences where he would be able to face real people and questions,” civil rights activist Brebner Changala has observed.
Changala said President Sata’s newly discovered style of communicating to Zambians through face book was his private affair that should not be converted into medium of addressing Zambians on important national matters.
Changala told the Daily Nation that President Sata should stop taking Zambians for granted stating that governance was a very serious business that should not be trivialized through social media such as face book.
He said President Sata’s new style of running the country through face book should be condemned by all well meaning Zambians because it was a dangerous of governing the country.
He explained that Zambians were aware that the people running face book on behalf of President Sata were not elected and therefore not answerable to the citizens and did not care whether what was being posted was annoying the people or not.
Changala said it was unfortunate that the President had decided to confuse the public media personnel who had stopped gathering stories because they were waiting for people manning the Head of State face book page to give them stories.
“President Sata must stop thinking that he can govern this country through face book. Government a country is a serious undertaking and you cannot lower it to face book chats. Zambians need to be addressed through press conferences because that is the most effective way of interacting with the electorate. There must be decency and dignity. The people managing President Sata’s face book page were not elected and are not answerable to anyone. Sata is answerable to Zambians and it is unacceptable for him to subject Zambians to face book gossip,” Changala said.
Changala said Zambians were knowledgeable and were aware that the information that was being posted on President Sata’s face book page was meant to make people believe that the Head of State was working when in fact not.

2 thoughts on “Sata can’t govern Zambia through face book

  1. Facebook is a social media accessible by many zambians and I see no reason why the president shouldn’t have an account. People who feel it not important to them should just keep to themselves.There must be a selection of media channels of communicating with the president infact to me its a prevallege to chat with the president. Please let’s complain on issues that could bring sanity to this country than just putting an issue facebook.

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