Kabimba is a tribalist -UPND

The incessant attacks and accusation of tribalism leveled against UPND President Hakainde Hichilema are unfair and unjustified because Justice minister Wynter Kabimba who makes them is a tribalist himself.

UPND chairman for international affairs Mulondwe Muzungu said the statement by Kabimba was unfair because the opposition leader only talks about national issues unlike him who was creating acrimony in the country by among other things charging tribalism in his own party.

It was sad, he said that there was an obsession against HH intended to stigmatize and brand him as a dangerous person.

“These accusations are unfair, unwarranted and untrue. HH does not hate any tribe. It is those promoting nepotism in the public service who should be called tribalists.” He said.

Whatever HH did otr said was intended to provide the necessary checks and balances that the PF Government deserved.

UPND Copperbelt provincial chairperson Elisha Matambo says it was unfortunate that Kabimba wanted to swallow his own words by accusing UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema of being a tribalist.

Matambo said Kabimba was trying to gain popularity in the PF by talking ill of other people in the country.

He said Kabimba was the first person that told the world that the PF was a tribal party and wondered why he was has u-turned and start pointing fingers at the UPND leader.

He said it was shocking that Kabimba was now saying that Hichilema was tribal when he knew very well that the tribal elements were in his party the PF.

“Who is Kabimba to say that HH is tribal? Hakainde is just trying to advise this PF government but Kabimba doesn’t see it that way. Zambians must know that Kabimba is the most dangerous leader this country has ever produced.

“Kabimba must know that the citizens of this country cannot be fooled any more. For example he is the one promoting the imposing of tribes in areas where there already existing tribes.

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