Petitioners want Chibesakunda in the dock

The demand for the Judge Evans Hamaundu Tribunal investigating Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba for breach of oath of secrecy and abuse of authority to call to the stand Acting Chief Lombe Chibesakunda and other judicial officers relevant to the matter to the dock for cross examination has been supported one of the petitioners, Brebner Changala.

Yesterday, Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali demanded that Acting Chief Justice, the High Court Registrar Maka Phiri and the Judiciary public relations officer Terry Musonda should be called to testify because they were critical to the investigations against Kabimba.

Changala has told the Daily Nation that as petitioners, they had already written to the Tribunal demanding that the Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda, the High Court Registrar Maka Phiri and the judiciary public relations officer Terry Musonda should be called as witnesses because they were part of the matrix in the schemes tom banish candidate whose elections had been nullified from re-contesting their seats.

Changala who is the renowned civil rights activist told the Daily Nation that he (Changala) and former Solwezi Central MMD Member of Parliament (MPs)  Lucky Mulusa had already written to Judge Hamaundu appealing to the Tribunal  to subpoena Justice Chibesakunda as a witness.

Changala said Justice Chibesakunda was a critical witness in the on-going Tribunal because she was one of the recipients of the letter Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba had written to Ellis & Company in which he had enclosed a government legal opinion to his political part.

Changala said Judge Hamaundu said government should immediately begin to curtly condemn the hypocrisy associated with the ruling party in the country because there was real evidence that the tribunal was being stage-managed for political expediency.

Changala said while the Tribunal had led the ground rules of who was to be called as a witness in the matter, the petitioners were of the view that those who had received the letter from the Justice Minister should be called to testify in the on-going tribunal.

“As petitioners, we have already written to the Tribunal on who we would want to call as witnesses and we believe that the inquiry would be incomplete without the testimony of the people who are directly connected to the case.’’

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One Response to “Petitioners want Chibesakunda in the dock”

  1. Bo Sipopa says:

    In this regard.Judge Hamaundu is also under trial to see whether he means well to chair this Tribunal.We’re watching.And I think Parliament should not ratify this Judge to avoid further strengthening Supreme Court as slaughter House for the Opposition.