Opposition should unite to unseat PF

The only way to remove PF from power is through unity of purpose by all opposition political leaders, says Lubasenshi Independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka.

Mucheleka said those who thought they could do it alone were day dreamers because in isolation they will truly fail to form the next government in 2016.

He said Zambia was not a personal project for individuals to use in dislodging the Patriotic Front from government single handled.

“Therefore all those who think that they can form the next government without working with others are just day dreaming,” he said

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mucheleka expressed sadness over reports suggesting that opposition UPND and National Restoration Party have refused to join hands for a united opposition 2016 and beyond to save Zambia from the bad and poor governance by the PF.

Mucheleka observed that the trend by opposition political party leaders wanting to work alone would disadvantage them ahead of the 2016 general election and it was therefore in the best interest of the people of Zambia that those that offer themselves as presidents should have the give and take principle in the manner they were doing politics.

He said that it was total deception for some opposition political parties to think that because of the wrangling and infighting in the PF, they would dislodge the ruling party on their own without working with others.

“Let me just remind them that even the PF worked with others prior to 2011 general elections. They worked with other none state actors such as the church, the civil society and others who believed in the PF message. So to think that UPND or NAREP will form government in 2016 on their own, it is a farfetched dream. That will not happen because Zambians are clever people, they want leaders who have a heart for the people who are able to share their agenda with others and not this attitude they are showing now of wanting to work in isolation just because they want to be presidents, actually they are just isolating themselves before 2016,” said Mucheleka.

He said that people should learn from past mistakes and reflect deeply on what the people of Zambia wanted now.Mucheleka said, “We know some of these MPs in the UPND who are now talking too much against the UPND from being party to the alliance. They almost accepted jobs in the PF but because of public outcry they withdraw after growing cold feet. It is therefore important that leaders look at what the people of Zambia want now and not individuals.”He said that the opposition must realise that Zambians were now looking for a selfless leadership and not individuals who think that they could bring change and better the lives of many Zambians on their own.“Why can’t we work together as opposition and draw our agenda through consultation with each other on how we would like the country to be run? Why should we think that we are a better party than others when we are busy scheming on how to get or poach members from other political parties? I mean I am talking about UPND and MMD. UPND is poaching members from MMD and that is a fact, they are poaching MMD members who have had their seats nullified and they want them stand on their party, so why can’t MMD and UPND sit-down and agree an alliance because these are the two big political parties we have in the country and some of us we shall support and follow them on one agenda,” said Mucheleka.

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One Response to “Opposition should unite to unseat PF”

  1. Bo Sipopa says:

    Mr Mucheleka,you are right.This Presidential ego only won’t take UPnd,NAREP anywhere.Let them not think that they’re the only ones who have a heart for Zambia.Let these blind Leaders embrase collective concerns from other equally concerned Zambian pipo.Some may not even belong to any patticular party