Apologise to Zambians over Constitution failure-Nyangu

Government must own up and apologise to the Zambian people for misleading them that it would deliver a Constitution that reflected the will and aspirations of the people.

According to MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu, the Patriotic Front promised on page 42 of its manifesto that the PF would “establish in consultation with stakeholders a Committee of Experts to review the recommendations of all previous Constitutional Review Commissions in order to draft and present a constitution which will reflect the will and aspirations of the people for submission to a referendum and subsequent enactment only, by the National Assembly”.

“What is happening now is far from the promise made to the Zambian people,” said Nyangu.

He said it was not proper for the PF leadership to complain about the process which they created and later decided to subvert it with impunity.

Nyangu said the PF leadership should complete the process according to its promise instead of hiding through complaints by saying that the constitution was hijacked by the people demanding for its release.

He advised President Sata and his officials to stop blaming the MMD for their own failures and incompetence when they had power in their hands and that the MMD when it was in power submitted to the will of the people and retreated to the opposition status where it was today.

“This is ridiculous, to say the least. I implore President Sata to exhibit leadership by attending to the universal demand in the nation that more copies should be printed and distributed for circulation to other Zambians beside the ten. This is a categorical demand which the PF knows from their days in the opposition prior to September 20, 2011.

“The MMD attempted to amend the republican constitution in 2011 but the effort was frustrated and rejected by the people in parliament. This option is therefore, closed and the PF will not be permitted to force their will and aspirations,” he said.

Nyangu said nothing short of this will work and the current leadership should not to ignore what the people of this country wanted.

He said the PF made a solemn and serious promise and undertaking which actually gave the Pf advantage over the MMD in general elections of September 2011 and that when such a promise was broken it meant there was no seriousness on their part.

The opposition leader said the PF should learn from their predecessors’ mistakes and errors of judgment in matters of governance and that condemning MMD everyday was not a solution to what the people wanted.

Nyangu said his party would not deter from participating in its role of oversight on governance record and that Zambians were now tired with chain lies.

“The President must know that Zambians do not eat lies for breakfast, lunch, dinner and go to bed with lies. I urge the PF to draw a very short road map to guide the citizens of Zambia the way forward to achieve a people driven constitution in 2014. A referendum should be held this year to popularly adopt the document for enactment by parliament before September 2014,” Nyangu said.

He said the PF should immediately release the 10 copies of the draft constitution that have been hijacked to the rightful owners, the Zambian people.