GBM demands K25m

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba is demanding K25 million from Fred M’membe and The Post newspapers for publishing and peddling falsehoods and malicious stories aimed at injuring him.

According to instructions GBM has given to his lawyers Makebi Zulu Advocates, Mwamba wants M’membe and the Post to pay him K25 million.

He said that he wanted to be compensated for the pecuniary gains from the sale of the newspaper as a result of publishing false stories.

Mwamba said that failure by the Post and M’membe to apologise in a manner befitting an apology showed how malicious they were bent on.

“I had instructed my legal counsel to handle the matter and demand for a complete retraction of the lies he carried about me in his paper. But instead of apologising he is running a similar story in the manner that shows arrogance,” said Mwamba.

On January 31, 2014 in a letter addressed to M’membe, Mwamba through his lawyer Makebi Zulu demanded for an apology on the front page of the newspaper with similar prominence.

“The whole article is thus inaccurate in total and is demeaning of our client who has since suffered ridicule, odium and disrepute. We thus demand that you retract the whole article with the same prominence that you gave in your front page within 48 hours failing which we shall issue process against all the named participants in the said article in the High Court.”

In a letter M’membe apologised for malice and lies he had been peddling against GBM saying that there was no truth in the stories the newspaper published against him.

“After reading your letter and the concerned stories, I discussed the matter with the editors who were incharge of the story. I am not convinced that they fully got their story accurately. The source they quoted on record in the story, a Mr. Menyani Zulu, did not have direct contact with Mr. Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba. He was also merely acting on hearsay.

I am made a few phone calls to some people I know in within the Patriotic Front leadership in Luanshya. They, too, say they heard that Mr. Mwamba was on the Copperbelt but no one told them they had actually seen or met him,” the ready in part.

M’membe said that he had not heard anything convincing from anyone to make him believe that Mr. Mwamba was in Luanshya or indeed on the Copperbelt at the said time and said things he was reported to have said.

“I therefore apologise, on behalf of the newspaper and indeed on my own behalf, to Mr. Mwamba and to our leaders, for this story and whatever inconveniences this might have caused. And by copy of this letter, I will ask the managing editor and the news editor of the Post to make the necessary corrections and apologies,” signed M’membe.