Now, GBM faces arrest

Instructions have now been issued for former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to be arrested on Monday when he reports at Woodlands Police Station.

GBM whose business contracts with government related institutions have been cancelled is now expected to appear at Woodlands Police Station where the arrest will be effected. He was initially expected to appear at Force Headquarters.

And police spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda confirmed the change of the venue from force headquarters to Woodlands Police Station but refused to discuss his arrest saying: “You can quote your sources, those are not my words. We are investigating him over the Arizona Marketing and Distribution Company where he is one of the directors. It is not for the police to comment on what is going to happen on Monday and ask Zesco or people who cancelled the contract.”

The exact offence is not yet clear, but an ‘abuse offence’ will bring him directly under the apegies of DPP Mutembo Nchito, a business partner of Fred M’membe editor of the Post who GBM has sued for defamation.

The pending arrest follows failed attempts at orchestrated propaganda that was intended to culminate in his expulsion from the PF.

When asked if the police would also summon people might have influenced to award the tender to Arizona Marketing and Distribution Company, Munganga said that the police’s scope of investigations for now was the people who had been summoned and not those that were not summoned.

“For now let’s concentrate on the people we have summoned and not people we have not summoned. Let’s not bring in other people in this matter. For now we shall concentrate on Mr. Mwamba, his daughters and others who have been summoned.”

But police sources close to the investigations said that officers were working under direct instructions from the authority to have GBM locked up before President Michael Sata returns home from his working holiday in London.

The source said that the entire investigation was a scandal and exposed the police to selective interrogations, adding:  “We asked our bosses why we are doing this on GBM when the case of Wynter Kabimba is not touched. But you know we work under orders.”

And MMD national chairperson Kabinga Pande observed that the probe against the former defence minister was a total sham and had no blessing from the people of Zambia.

Pande said that the PF and its directives to have GBM investigated and face a possible arrest raised many question from straight forward thinking Zambians who were now thinking that the PF were desperate.

He reminded the PF that when GBM was minister, the matter of companies connected to PF ministers getting government contracts was raised in parliament and the matter was defended by cabinet ministers.

“I am wondering why today the PF have taken this vindictive route. Let them investigate all companies being awarding government contract. This is not fair. PF should leave GBM alone to continue with his businesses,” said Pande.

Pande also warned police to stop being used to fight political battles by fixing those that have differed with those in leadership.

He said that the police have compromised their profession by conducting themselves in a manner which questions the credibility of the investigations under probe now.

“It is my appeal to all well meaning Zambians to rise and stop this criminal nature of doing things by the PF. GBM has done nothing wrong apart from resigning. And for those celebrating GBM’s victimisation and harassment of its highest order, must know that same hand harassing GBM will go for them,” warned Pande.