GBM arrest blackmail

The continued harassment of former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba by the Patriotic Front (PF) government is nothing but a desperate act of blackmail to cow him and scare other leaders against exposing massive corruption and bad leadership, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has observed.

Changala said corrupt leaders in government will now be forced to tow the party corrupt line because if they broke ranks with government, they would be victims of political persecution.

Changala said that there was so much corruption in the PF government that Mwamba was being made an example of what would happen to those with plans to leave government.

Changala said Mwamba was being persecuted for a contract that was cancelled while Trafigura was still supplying oil by tunkers from Dar-es-salaam in a contested contract, that also involved dalbit, a company which attempted to corrupt Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.

He said the PF government had become so desperate over the resignation of Mwamba and his continued popularity in Kasama and the entire Northern Province that they had embarked on a slander campaign to damage his reputation.

He said it was shocking that State police had decided to resurrect closed corruption cases to discredit Mwamba’s political and business career.

Changala said the summoning and impending arrest of Mwamba popularly known as GBM by police today was the worst form of treachery by a regime that had been promulgating democracy.

He said the PF government was transgressing on Mwamba’s personal freedoms and liberties by targeting his businesses and political career adding that no matter how ‘genuine’ the investigations against the Kasama Parliamentarian would be, Zambians had already seen through them as political witch-hunt.  Changala said no reasonable Zambian would be able to accept the outcome of the investigations against Mwamba because it was clear that government was trying to intimidate the former Minister of Defence for having quit President Michael Sata’s administration.

“The summoning of Mwamba by State police and his impending arrest today is nothing but an act of desperation by the PF government to blackmail and intimidate him. When Mwamba was in government and was accused of corruption, the entire civil society and concerned Zambians had called for investigations. Zambians also demanded that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba should have been investigated together with Mwamba but government including the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) issued statements to the fact that the two had been cleared,” Changala said.Changala said now that Mwamba had differed with the PF government, President Sata had found it politically correct to set State machinery on him.   He stated that the PF government had shown signs of desperation over the resignation of Mwamba and were panicking in their schemes to scandalize the former Defence Minister.Changala has advised Mwamba to stay focused stating that the Kasama MP was dealing with a ruthless, vindictive and constitutionally bankrupt regime.“President Sata for all intent and purposes must sit down and reflect the manner in which he is treating Mwamba who has contributed so much to the ruling party. This act alone will haunt him forever because this is pure blackmail and this is the strategy dictators use when confronted with a democratic challenge,” Changala