Munkombwe challenged over South development

Southern Province Minister Daniel Munkombwe has been challenged to explain to the people in the province on the achievements President Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front government have recorded since assuming power in 2011.

UPND national women chairlady Namakau Kabwiku said that the PF had a lot of things to explain to the people and diverting time to attacking the opposition leadership was losing focus by people like Munkombwe.

Kabwiku observed that the trend the PF leaders have adopted of insulting opposition leaders whenever they raise issues of national importance was not helping them at all cost, adding that the recent attacks against UPND leader by Munkombwe were baseless and without focus.

“Mr. Munkombwe should learn to be thankful that he is in government and the best he can do in his old age is to appreciate Zambians who have given him an opportunity to serve in almost all governments. He must therefore take this opportunity to explain to the people of Zambia what the PF and President Sata have done since coming into power.

Let him explain why the PF today have changed the goal post on the constitution making process when they promised Zambians a constitution in 90 days. Let them tell the people of Zambia about free education they promised. Let Munkombwe explain why farming in Zambia under the PF has become expensive and worrying. Let Munkombwe also explain to the people of Southern Province why the PF keeps lying?” said Kabwiku.

She said that Munkombwe should know that the PF would not go beyond 2016 because it was fatigued and failed to provide the basics for the people of Zambia.

Kabwiku wondered why Munkombwe had joined a team of people who were bent on tribal politics, insults and victimisation of innocent Zambians.

She said: “Munkombwe must know that with or without PF, UPND will be there and reign. This issue they want to slap on Hichilema about tribalism is something that comes from same people. If it is not Mr. Sata, it is the Post accusing HH of being tribal. If it is not Munkombwe whose relatives have known no peace under the PF, then it is these fun and hungry boys and girls who are paid to insult leaders.

Let’s bring decency and maturity to politics and this trend the PF has introduced to this country will one day backfire on them,” said Kabwiku.

She said that her party would continue demanding for the constitution and would not give up until the PF fulfils its promises to the people of Zambia.

“People should not hate HH for reminding the PF about the things they promised during campaigns.”

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  1. Great sister Kabwiku, take on Munkombwe fair and square for he has become a useful turn coat against the people he is supposed to serve. I am afraid he may disparage you rather than address your challenge to him!

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