Sata must find a mature press aide

President Michael Sata should replace his press aide George Chellah because he has hugely mismanaged the presidency with his immature way of handling matters of national importance, says MMD youth diehard coordinator Bowman Lusambo has said.

Lusambo said the MMD youths are happy that the President is back in the country but they wanted him to replace Chellah as his press aide because he had failed the presidency in handling serious national statements.

“We want the President to change Chellah with a mature person bearing in mind that he uses tax payer’s money when he does not know how to do his duties,” Lusambo said.

Lusambo said Chellah does not communicate to the people of Zambia in the manner befitting the presidency especially when dealing with the public relations surrounding the presidency.

He said the Landon holiday trip; Chellah in his statement did not mention the President’s delegation and that the President’s working holiday had been turned into a fiasco because it was hugely mishandled.

“We wanted to know the delegation the President went with to Landon. Know one knows which Minister accompanied the President to Landon. He just said the President was having a 14days working holiday in London,” Lusambo said.

He said Chellah never informed Zambians which investors the President was going to be meeting in London.

Lusambo said the country needed a press aid who was mature and not someone who would be just saying yes to whatever the President told him to do.

“Chellah has failed the people of Zambia because he is just a yes bwana person to the president. He needs to be disagreeing to certain things which the President wants him to be telling t us. He must be telling the president what is right and wrong when it comes to information of the State,” he said.

Lusambo said the country needed a mature person who would be explaining to the people of Zambia in details concerning the president’s trips unlike what was happening now when Chellah was the President’s press aid.

He said this was why in 2016 the Zambian people would replace President Sata with MMD president Nevers Mumba.