The folly of duplicity

Nobody in this country is fooled. 

The tribulation GBM is suffering is political retribution executed in the most shameless and undignified manner possible.

To open and search for faults because of a resignation is the worst form of abuse of power and has nothing to do with the fight against corruption.  If anything it is an attempt to cover and hide corruption

If GBM was still a minister none of the 8 charges being investigated against him would have seen the light of day.

The only reason he is being pursued is because he took the principled stand after disagreeing with the President over a policy issue.  As a result he is being hounded in the most vicious and capricious manner possible to destroy him both as an individual, a family man and a business man.

That GBM may be guilty is indeed a possibility but the question is how many of those persecuting GBM today are clean and what message does this persecution send to the rest of the country.

For us it proves one thing and one thing only that we have been correct in pursuing the Trafigura scandal.  That there is something the government is hiding and is failing to tell the nation about the variance between 500 and 236 million dollars paid for oil.

Somebody is not telling the truth and the money involved has been stolen from ordinary Zambians who were made to pay exorbitant pump prices because of an irregular purchase that must have been sanctioned at the highest levels of governance.

This type of corruption is on record and will not go away just as the issues of Zambian Airways will not go away.  The record will stand and posterity will judge those who abuse their positions to perpetrate impunity, injustice and bad governance.

There is no doubt that what is happening to GBM today will also happen to others as they leave office.

It is therefore only fair to advise those not yet mired in graft to keep a clean slate.  But at the same time it is important for those whose hands are dripping in corruption to be reminded that their time will come and it is not too long from now that they will be called to account.

The Bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3 vs 23).  This verse does not glorify sin but goes to show that all human beings are capable of sinning and must be guided against it.  But as the situation stands there are two glaring anomalies that make a mockery and at worst an abuse of authority.

Firstly the ZESCO deal was cancelled and never took place, whereas other deals are ongoing and are in fact more rapine as they touch the very life of ordinary citizens who must fork out more money for goods and services because they must pay for the excesses that can only be accounted for as kick backs.

There is no doubt that this matter will have a bad ending.