Hichilema promises Judicial reforms

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has vowed to reform the judiciary once his party forms government in 2016.

Speaking to journalists shortly after he was discharged, Hichilema said that the judicial systems in Zambia needed transformation to give higher credibility and win the confidence of the people.

Hichilema was arrested in February last year on charges of proposing violence during live phone in programme on Zambezi FM radio in Livingstone.

Hichilema who walked through the main streets of Livingstone with his jubilant cadres said that the responsibility of UPND once voted in power would be to transform the judiciary and better the state of prisons in the country.

And Director of Public Prosecution Mutembo Nchito yesterday discontinued the prosecution of the UPND leader in the Livingstone Magistrate Court.

Hichilema who was scheduled to appear for trial before Magistrate Chinkashi Chilingala was only set free after two hours of waiting for written instructions from the DPP.

He was charged with one count of proposing violence contrary to Section 91 (a) sub-section 1 (a)(b) of the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia, the charge he denied.

When the matter came up for trial, the prosecutor Jonathan Chenda applied for a two hour adjournment stating that he was still waiting for instruction from the DPP’s office on how to proceed.

In discharging Hichilema, Magistrate Chilingala said that the decision by the state to discontinue the matter did not mean that Hichilema was a free man and that his case might come up in the future.

Chilingala said the discharge was in accordance with section 81 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Laws of Zambia.

“This court is in receipt of the written instructions from the DPP’s office through State Advocate Nalubwe on behalf of the DPP to state that the proceedings of the now accused person be discontinued according to Section 81 of Criminal Procedure Code.

The summary of the instructions are that the accused’s case be discontinued,” Chilingala said.

Hichilema was being represented by Jack Mwimbu of Muleza and Company, John Kapepe of MAK partners and Fredrick Chunga of Silweya and company.

And the State has also discontinued UPND Kalomo MP Request Muntanga’s case in a matter where he was facing one count of misconduct at the police station.

The defence lawyers through the lead lawyer Jack Mwiimbu could not object to the instruction from the state’s prosecution to discontinue the matter.

Magistrate Andrew Kasongo in whose court Muntanga was appearing discharged him forthwith.