It’s political persecution-GBM’s wife

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba’s wife, Chama has charged that the summoning of her husband, herself and their children by the police is nothing but political persecution.

Chama who appeared before police at Woodlands Police station yesterday over the same allegations her husband is facing said she felt the Patriotic Front (PF) government had embarked on a persecution crusade against her family following the resignation of Mwamba from government last month.

Mwamba resigned his ministerial position last year on principle after President Michael Sata demanded that the former Defence Minister should choose between his political job and his family.

Speaking to Journalists yesterday after police recorded a warn and caution statement for six counts among which is the Zesco contract Arizona Marketing and Distributors was supposed to get but did not, Chama said she felt that her family was being politically persecuted.

“We have been asked over the same Zesco tender which was investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and closed. I feel we are being persecuted,” Chama said.

And Mwamba said he was still a popular member in the PF and among other opposition political parties.

Mwamba said he was not only enjoying support from the opposition MMD but that he had a lot of supporters within the ruling party.

Mwamba said he was happy that the MMD, UPND, Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) and Lubansenshi independent Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka had shown him a lot of solidarity during the time his family was being summoned by the police.

He said he was more than glad to have moved to the back bench in Parliament following his resignation from government and that he would be happy to sit next to his former deputy minister Davis Mwila who had also resigned his position.

“I am very popular and I remain a very popular person within the Patriotic Front, I do not only have support in the PF, I enjoy a lot of support from the MMD and UPND. I am bragging now and let the Post Newspaper know that I am a very popular without any doubt. Go to Siavonga and mention my name. It is not only the PF that can make me popular but even other political parties. So I am still popular and very popular for that matter,” Mwamba said.