Probe the real culprits, not GBM

The Anti-Corruption Commission must explain to the people of Zambia the basis on which they cleared former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba of corruption allegations, the same matter GBM was presently being probed for, National Restoration Party youth wing has demanded.

NAREP youth feel that the ACC and police were now being used to victimized innocent people to settle political scores.

NAREP youth league chairperson Wilson Banda said that the investigations against GBM were political and would not have any credibility but to expose how corrupt the current PF leadership was.

Banda said that Zambians found it difficult now to trust and believe in the investigations involving GBM because he had been cleared by ACC.

He said that his party found it surprising that the PF government had now started probing the Kasama Member of Parliament just  a few months after he resigned from his position as defence minister.

Banda said that the action by the PF was as a result of fear and uncertainty of their hold on power.

He said that it was now clear that Mwamba’s resignation had sent shivers in the PF government and such investigations were not only a fraud but also vindictive as they aimed at forcing him (GBM) into submission.

“This simply shows that Mr. Mwamba’s resignation has sent shivers in the PF government such that the investigative wings have all of the sudden decided to start probing the former defence minister whose case was closed when he was serving his role as minister of defence. The PF government should come in the open and tell the people of Zambia whether the investigative wings mishandled the GBM investigation for them to re-launch another investigation,” Banda demanded.

He said that sadly the people of Zambia had now realised that the PF administration had completely lost track, adding that it was though they did not know why they were in power.

Banda wondered why Vice President Guy Scott wanted GBM to resign when the country had a challenge of addressing high levels of poverty.

“Surely how can Dr Guy Scott who is the second highest in authority challenge Mr. Mwamba to resign? One important thing to note is that for Dr Scott to request for Mr Mwamba’s resignation from the party, it simply means that the PF want another by-election in Kasama. But one would wonder where the money for the by-election would come from knowing that the money for some of these by-elections that we are having were not budgeted for,” wondered Banda.

And NAREP youths have also demanded that Dr Scott explains to the people where the PF would source funds for the by election in an event that they expelled GBM as Kasama PF Member of Parliament.“We want to know where government will get the money from and how much they are planning to spend for the same election.

We want to remind Dr Scott that he was not the one who put Mr Mwamba in power and because of that fact, he has no right whatsoever to ask for Mr Mwamba’s resignation because he does not in any way represent the people of Kasama.”