Opposition plan State House demo

Opposition political parties are planning to picket and hold a demonstration outside State House to protest the confrontational stand that President Michael Sata has taken towards national issues in total disregard of the social contract he held with the Zambian people.

The demonstration is intended to show that Zambia was not a monarchy but a democracy in which governments were elected  to serve the interests of the people.

Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) publicity secretary John Banda said the demo was expected to highlight President Sata’s alleged disregard for the Zambian people who included the Church and the civil society who supported his ascension to power on account of progressive promises.

The demonstration will demand immediate commencement of inter party dialogue to save the country from conflict.

“We are fully aware that some political parties may feel that this is not a good idea.  We shall not force them to join us because a good number of those spoken to agree and feel camping at Sate House will send a message to President Sata,” he said.

Banda said Zambia stood at a very dangerous break or make crossroad where there was need to work together as one people by putting aside personal and partisan interest for national togetherness.

“In the spirit of national unity, and after concerted consultations with other opposition party leaders, we have agreed to picket President Sata at State House and we shall camp there until he sees us to start a process of national dialogue and reconciliation,” he said.

In a statement, ZDDM accused the Republican President of failure to honour his promises to the people among them the respect to uphold the rule of law, to introduce progressive NGO legislation and reduction of presidential power.

He explained that there have been unresolved issues with the general governance system of the country which President Sata had decided to ignore including the problem of high unemployment and subsequent lack of income to meet the ‘more money in your pockets’ PF slogan.

The opposition parties’ leadership have challenged President Sata to institute dialogue with the people to defuse the tension currently being experienced in the country and create a climate of democracy.

“We cannot continue to watch a few people treating themselves as if they are more Zambian than the majority population and sharing our national wealth among themselves while we watch because Zambia belongs to all of us.

“This is the reason why we have put two things on the agenda of the meeting we seek to have with the president.

“We want to discuss the Constitution and State of the Nation with the Head of State that together, we can come up with the solution to address these issues that have generated too much tension, division, unemployment and lack of a common vision in the country,” said Banda.

He said Zambia had enough resources to make it as one of the top countries on the African continent but all that potential was being lost because of the deeply rooted spirit of hate and failure being carried out by the PF.

“We agree with the people that feel time has come to deal with issues as a nation. If we don’t resolve the issues affecting us as a nation today, posterity will harshly judge us,” he explained.

He appealed for cooperation by putting all political interests behind and focus on national building.