With or without Sata, we shall have the constitution, CSO

With or without President Michael Sata, Zambia will have a new Constitution, the Consortium for Civil Society on the constitution has warned.

And Consortium spokesperson Pamela Chisanga has urged Zambians to ignore President Michael Sata in 2016 if he fails to deliver the constitution he promised in 90 days.

Challenging President Sata’s statement directing government officials to stop talking about the constitution and ignore people talking about the it, Chisanga said that it was regrettable that President Sata uttered such divisive and regrettable statement.

He said that as civil society they were shocked that President Sata found it easy to deceive Zambians by going against the pledge he made when he was campaigning for Presidency in 2011.

“As Civil Society Organisation it is very regrettable, actually it is highly regrettable that President Sata can say these things he said. We have been following his position on the constitution. We have to remind him that he made a clear promise on delivering a constitution within 90 days,” said Chisanga.

Chisanga warned President Sata and the PF to desist from annoying Zambians over the constitution, adding that it was regrettable that the Head of State was taking people for granted.

She reminded President Sata to look back and see where he had come from and the many unfulfilled promises he made.

“He has forgotten how he got into State House. Just like he has asked or directed his ministers, and other government officials not to pay attention to the people talking about the constitution, we shall also ask our people, Zambians to ignore President Sata and the PF in 2016. We shall de-campaign them,” said the Action Aid executive director.

Chisanga warned President Sata that with or without the PF and President Sata, Zambians would have the constitution because it was not a preserve of the PF and its leadership.

She urged Zambians to wake up, “We should be ready to push for the constitution. It’s not for Sata to give us the constitution, it is us, he is just there to facilitate the way. We are determined to get the constitution. And we want to give him a friendly advice, let him chose to be part of the history makers for this country or not.”

Chisanga said that no matter how much the PF leadership would deceive the people of Zambia, they would not get-away with it, “he deceived us, and his is dishonest with the people. We just have to remind him that so much was spent on the constitution making process. There is need for this leadership to take issues seriously.”

“There are a lot of things he has said about the current constitution and we have recorded all that, and we shall soon show the people to see the kind of the President they have. For now we just want to remind him that he described this constitution as a fraud.”