Let Bembas choose their own Chitimukulu

President Sata has no right to choose a traditional leader for the Bemba people because there was no system in government that allowed for such a process, says Evangelical fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) spokesperson Reverend Pukuta Mwanza.

Mwanza said President Sata was the father of the country, thus, he should have respect for the traditional leaders of this country.

He said President Sata can not decide for the Bemba royal establishment over the person they want to be their leader.

Mwanza said the best thing the president could do was to approve the decision by the Bemba royal establishment concerning the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Manga ll.

“There is no system in government that gives the powers to the president to choose a traditional leader for any tribe. The law only gives the president the powers to approve the decision that has been made by traditional leaders and he can not object to that,” he said.

Mwanza said government should interfere less in traditional affairs and provide a platform to sit down and dialogue with the Bemba royal establishment over any concerns he may have.

He said President Sata should call the traditional leaders to a round table meeting and resolve the conflicts between the Bembas and government.

Mwanza said by doing so the president would avoid any perceived misunderstandings that are going on in the country concerning traditional affairs.

He said not providing a platform to the Bemba royal establishment to explain why they have chosen Henry Kanyanta Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Manga ll will not help the government in any way as confusion will continue to surface between government and the Bembas.

“He must invite the traditional leaders, sit down with them and he must respect their decision concerning the appointment of the present Chitimukulu as their chief,” Mwanza said.

He has however appealed to President Sata to stop fighting the opposition party leaders through the media.

Mwanza said the media should not be used as a fighting medium between government and opposition parties but it should be used for national development.