Most PF ministers will be jailed-Kaingu

Most Patriotic Front (PF) ministers and government officials are potential criminals who will be convicted after the PF leaves office because of corrupt deals they are making and should therefore not celebrate the jailing of former deputy High Commissioner to India Andrew Banda, MMD vice president for Politics Dr. Michael Kaingu has warned.

In an interview, Dr. Kaingu said that only sadists would celebrate the conviction of Andrew, warning that most PF ministers indulging in dirty and corrupt deals were well known and should know that they were potential criminals to undergo the same process Andrew went through.

Dr. Kaingu said that today, PF officials might think that they were protected by President Michael Sata but should realise that the Head of State would not be in power for eternity.

“As much as we do not support corruption and abuse of office, there is need to find a lasting solution to this challenge. The fight against corruption should not be targeted at prominent people or politicians alone. We are sad that all these corruption cases that we hear involving politicians are only pursued after a particular regime is kicked out of office. It is therefore important for PF ministers and other officials to realise that they are also potential criminals who will be sent to prison just in the same manner Andrew has been sent to prison. So these celebrations will be short lived, this is a friendly warning,” Dr. Kaingu said.

He said that Zambia was a member of many anti-corruption crusade organisations but it was surprising that little effort was attained in reducing corruption especially in government offices.

“The PF leaders are potential prisoners because of many corruption activities going on in the tenders in the road construction sector. People have been asking why the PF leadership removed the Road Development Agency (RDA) from the ministry of Works and Supply to State House. Let us wait and see the Auditor General’s report about RDA at State House, you will see the position the PF leadership has put itself into,” said Dr. Kaingu.

Dr. Kaingu has since advised leaders in the PF to start improving the conditions of prisons in the country because that is where they are headed.

“This is my earnest appeal and it is not a laughable issue.  The PF has continued on this vindictive path that is why it is difficult for them to promote reconciliation. That is why they have failed to promote unity in this country because of this vindictive approach to the fight against corruption. We want to see a process of fighting corruption which is politics free and let Anti-Corruption Commission work independently,” Dr Kaingu said. He said that the conviction of Andrew should serve as a lesson to PF officials and any other individuals, especially those with long hands.

“We know about Trafigura, we know why State House is giving a named China Construction and Engineering company deals and the 10 per cent cut involved. We know these things, we know how far State House is involved in these things even the procurement of the Radar for the three airports; we know why they have pushed Thales ATM to supply the Radar. We know how they inflated figures and all these are possible charges they will face after leaving government.”