Sata has insulted women

President Sata’s disparaging remarks against single parents is insulting and demeaning to hardworking women who raise children single handedly often because of irresponsible men who shun performing their duties as fathers, Non-Government Coordinating Council (NGOCC) board chairperson Beatrice Grillo has said.

President Sata she said had insulted women for questioning the parentage of United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema and has advised the Head of State to stop trivializing important national debate at the expense of personal and petty.

Grillo reiterated that it was only mothers who knew the fathers of their children and therefore talking about someone’s parentage in the manner that President Sata has been doing was counterproductive and an insult to all mothers, including single mothers who worked very hard to bring up their children.

She has chided President Sata, telling him that it was the exclusive advantage of a woman to know the true parentage of children in a family and that the attacks on Hichilema were politically and morally baseless and trivial.

“We are not happy with the leaders who are insulting us. All these insults will never bring any food on the table, and we are calling upon the President to restrain from such statements because he is the father for the people,” Grillo said.

She said it was unacceptable for the Head of State to continue attacking Hichilema’s parentage because it was a bad example to the next generation and such should not be supported by right thinking Zambian.

“In any case it is only the mother who knows the father of the child and even those who claim to know their fathers should consult their mothers. Talking about such issues at the expense of development is an insult to us women,” Grillo said.

She said the President as the current father of the nation must show good leadership which young people would be able to emulate.

Grillo said that the country still had major challenges that needed the leaders to look at and find solutions to them and yet they waste time attacking one another.

“When is Zambia going have leaders who speak about national development? What we hear is politics of character assassination which has become the order of the day,” she said.

She said that the role of government was to make the enabling environment in which the people would be able to see the benefit of having a government whose pledge was to improve their lives.

She emphasized that women movement in the country would not support situations where mothers were insulted, and advised leaders to tone down their abusive language which had remained a medium, whenever they were responding to each other.

Meanwhile, UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has described President Michael Sata’s statement on the constitution as unpatriotic.

In his open letter to President Sata copied to all stakeholders, opposition political parties and others on the need for the new constitution, Hichilema has urged the Head of State to stop taking Zambians for granted.

He said that Zambians were happy that President Sata had returned home and should therefore show action and commitment to the constitutional making process by releasing the final Draft Constitution.

“We are happy that you answered our call and you are back from where you were to face the challenge of delivering a new constitution. We put it to you that there is growing national consensus among the

citizenry that the delivery of a people driven constitution should be your administration’s number one priority in this jubilee year,” Hichilema said.

He said that Zambians were highly concerned about lack of patriotism on the party of the President, saying that his comments on the constitution were divisive.

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  1. But we also know that at least 2 of Sata’s children with Kaseba were sired by a known gentleman, not Ukwa Chumbwex. Anyway, if you go out there sleeping with all women and siring abana bamufyani, you should not be surprised if your wife at home starts doing the same and all of a sudden, there are illegal sandwiches in the family. This is Sata’s agony, and for a character in such a predicament, he should be the last to throw stones.

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