Sata’s attacks on HH disgraceful says Mususu

President Michael Sata’s continued disparaging remarks against United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema’s parentage are a disgrace.

Former Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) director Paul Mususu said it was morally and spiritually disheartening that those in leadership had continued trivializing important national issues for personal issues that promoted prejudice.

Bishop Mususu said the church was extremely concerned with the lack of quality political leadership in the country and has advised the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership to avoid governing the country using acrimony and disparaging language.

He said the UPND leader did not choose to be born in a family where he was and that President Sata should avoid discussing the parentage of the opposition leader because such debate was immaterial and was not improving the lives of the people.

Bishop Mususu stated that President Sata and the leadership should stop the  daily attacks on Hichilema and his persona because the office of the presidency had suffered loss of dignity under the current crop of leadership.

The former EFZ director has appealed to media houses to stop publishing and airing what he termed President Sata’s ridiculous and unpalatable language against other political leaders.

Bishop Mususu said the church was deeply concerned with the poor governance adding that the country’s economic and political outlook had remained bleak under the PF government.

He said the rate at which government was giving land title to foreigners was also a source of concern and advised government to be careful in the manner it was allowing foreigners to own land.

And Hichilema has said his parentage was a non-issue and that President Sata should stop dwelling on his parents unless he was worried that somebody would one day question him about his suspected Tanzanian origins.

Reacting to President Sata’s attacks on his parentage, Hichilema said Zambians were focused and would never stop demanding for a people driven constitution because it was their document.

“He has been attacking my parentage for a long time now but to me that is a non-issue for any normal person except one who is worried that someday, someone may question him about his Tanzanian origins. Zambians are focused this time around. Zambians are asking the President to stop sleeping on duty but focus on delivering the constitution and many other unfulfilled campaign promises. None of his usual comical behavior will be accepted,” Hichilema said.

Hichilema said he was happy  and proud to be Zambian even amidst speculation  that he did not know any of his parents or was a street child because that would not have been his fault.

The UPND leader said it was normal to fall ill and that it was God’s grace that he was fine adding that the day he would fall sick, he would not be ashamed to seek medical attention and asked Zambians to pray for him.

He said there was no need for anyone to hide or even be ashamed about falling ill.