Scott must apologise

Vice President Guy Scott  has been asked to apologize  to Chiefs in  Itezhi Tezhi  whom he has  accused  of being drunks trading their traditional land for Kachasu.

The leaders feel deeply offended that the remark was made at a public meeting without specifying which chiefs were being targeted and which land had been sold illicitly.

The traditional leaders have since demanded for an apology from Dr Scott saying it was unacceptable for the Vice-President to have chosen to disrespect the traditional leadership in Itezhi Tezhi district in Central Province.

Speaking for the Chiefs Jacob Mubambo, a United Party for National Development (UPND) official advised Dr Scott to exercise caution when dealing with issues concerning traditional leaders.

The chiefs have complained that  it was unacceptable for Dr. Scott to accuse chiefs whom he said have never been in conflict with previous government and wondered why the PF government had taken an antagonistic stance against the traditional leadership in the country.

Mubambo observed that it was wrong for people like Dr. Scott to take chiefs for granted at a time when the relationship between government and some traditional leaders in the country had collapsed irretrievably.

The chiefs have now  challenged Dr Scott to name the chiefs that were involved in such land dealings saying it was an insult for the Vice-President to insinuate that all the traditional leaders were reckless and irresponsible.