Zesco contract was not awarded to Arizona

Former Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has charged that those calling for his prosecution over the Zesco contract to supply and deliver wooden poles should know that the said controversial contract was not given to Arizona Marketing and Advertising.

And Mwamba has threatened to sue the Zambia Daily Mail and claim K1.2 million for publishing libelous, defamatory, and prejudicial editorial comment that insinuated the former Defence Minister was corrupt and was habouring ill-gotten wealth.

In a letter addressed to Anthony Mukwita, the managing director of the Zambia Daily Mail, Mwamba stated that the editorial was malicious intended to prejudice the presumption of innocence by the Zambian Constitution in relation to the on-going investigations.

He stated that the editorial also suggested that he (Mwamba) was an inconsiderate, selfish and lacked integrity and morality adding the innuendos could be seen for what they really were and certainly did not fall short of being defamatory.

“You thus have 48 hours to retract your article in total and render an apology failing which we will commence legal proceedings and claim damages in the amount you purport is the value of the motor vehicle you have incredulously referred to,” Mwamba’s lawyers Makebi Advocates stated in the claim letter.

Mwamba has said his wealth over which some media houses were demonizing him had been accumulated over years of hard work.

Mwamba said contrary to insinuations that he could have purchased his wife state-of-the-art Range Rover SUV worth $200,00 (K1.2 million) from the botched Zesco contract, the Kasama Central Member of Parliament (MP) he had been in business since the days of UNIP and could afford to spend on his wife of 30 years.

Mwamba said those doubting his business acumen should find time to watch the Mnet channel which is currently airing his business profile adding that he had no regrets having spent such an amount on his dear wife.

The former Defence Minister has described as petty jealousy the slander campaign some media houses have launched against him as a means scandalize profile and his wealth.Mwamba said he had had money long before the Patriotic Front (PF) whose leadership has turned him into a pariah and that his businesses were well established even during the time Kenneth Kaunda and UNIP were in government.


He said those who had embarked on a crusade to finish his business and political career would never succeed because his success was anchored on his strong belief in God and hard work.

“Someone called me about an editorial in some newspaper that has slandered me and my action to buy my wife Chama, a state-of-the-art Range Rover SUV and the editor has insinuated that I could have purchased the car from the Zesco contract. Let them know that the contract was not given to my company. I have been in business from the days of Kenneth Kaunda and my wealth has been accumulated over the years of thorough hard work and my faith in God. It is petty jealousy to slander and demonise me over a gift for my wife,” Mwamba said.

The PF has expelled Mwamba barely a month after he resigned from government and the State through the police and the Anti-Corruption Commission have since reopened the Zesco contract which was previously investigated and closed together with Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba.