Replace useless MPs through early elections – Saunders

President Sata must call for an early general election in order to replace the useless PF members of Parliament that he has personally identified, says political activist Dante Saunders.

He said it was clear that the PF government has lamentably failed to deliver because of the wrong people around President Sata who were scared to tell him what to do in pursuit of good governance.

There was no option but to call for early elections which will give Zambia new leaders now that President Sata has personally realized that his MPs were totally useless.

“It is for this reason the PF government has failed to deliver because it has wrong people in place that cannot deliver to the people’s expectation, and also who are not helpful to him because they are scared of telling him what to do,” he said.

Saunders said that President Sata’s statement that most of his PF Members of Parliament were useless confirmed why his government  had failed to run the affairs of the nation.

He said President Sata must take full responsibility and realize that he was running a nation and not PF, adding that the President should not suppress innocent citizens on grounds that his government has failed to deliver.

“The problem with Mr Sata is that he does not want to listen to what the people and other stakeholders are saying,

“Right from the beginning it was clear that the PF was not ready to give the people of Zambia what they wanted. It will be better if he calls for early elections so that he can have new leaders to help him bring about development,” he said.

He said that the PF leadership did not embrace dialogue or support divergent views because there was too much selfishness and ignorance, adding that it was important to see change, starting with President Sata who should seriously change his attitude.

“Politicians should try to exhibit politics of love, maturity and not politics of finger pointing like what we are seeing in the PF leadership, no wonder their failure to perform their duties to expectations,” he said.

He maintained that leaders who were not ready to hold public offices should vacate and give chance to others willing to serve Zambians diligently.

And the opposition ZDDM leader Edwin Sakala said he was happy that President Sata has admitted that most of his MPs were useless.

Sakala said that Zambia needed  a fresh start and that it would be best to call for early elections because the future of Zambia was threatened  by the poor calibre of leaders in politics.

“As ZDDM we are mobilizing to picket State House and among the suggestions we want to put forward to President Sata is that he should within his powers dissolve his government and form a government of national unity which will accommodate all political players for the sake of saving Zambia, because the current politics of bickering are only destroying the future further,” he said.