Land audit coming-Kalaba

Government will soon embark on a countrywide land audit project which will result in all irregularly and corruptly acquired land in the last 10 years being repossessed by the State, Lands Minister Harry Kalaba has said.

Kalaba said people without title risk losing their land at the close of the audit but would be given a chance to reapply for the same land.

“The ministry will take stock of all land on title. Legal documents to back the audit process have since been developed,” Kalaba said.

Kalaba said the purpose of the land audit programme was to account for every inch of land the country has.

“Zambia is about to celebrate the Golden Jubilee and it is a good point at which the country should know how much land the nation still has. We must know how much land we have for Agriculture purposes, how much land we have for commercial purposes, how much land we have industrial purposes and indeed how much land we have for residential purposes,” he said.

Kalaba said his ministry needed a land audit in place because most  people have been complaining that they have failed to access land and there are numerous reports that land has finished.

He said despite people complaining that land had finished, his ministry was of the view that there was  still a lot of  land being speculated and this had prompted the  ministry to introduce a land audit programme in the country.

The audit would ensure that the people benefit from the land which was of national heritage.

He said President Sata would soon appoint the land audit commissioners and thereafter the project would commence.

“As soon as the President appoints the commissioners, the project will start and that will be done within a month if all goes well. The appointed officers will be going around the country to conduct the audit,” Kalaba said.

He said it was the first time Zambia was embarking on such a project but his ministry was certain that the project would work.