PF scared of 50+1 percent-OYV

The PF government has hijacked the Constitution making process because they are scared of provisions such as the 50%+1 and presidential running mate, Operation Young Vote (OYV) executive director, Guess Nyirenda has charged.

And Nyirenda said the Patriotic Front government had embarked on a futile exercise by attempting to frustrate the constitution making process because Zambians were resolved to have the new constitution whether President Michael Sata and his government liked it or not.

Nyirenda said that Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba’s fears over some of the provisions in the draft constitution were based on political survival and not meant to serve Zambians.

Nyirenda recalled that President Sata had ordered PF Members of Parliament to boycott the NCC spearheaded by the MMD government that those who were patriotic and participated in the NCC were labeled rebels and were expelled from the party.

He said that the Zambians were only demanding that which was rightfully theirs and that the people driven constitution must be released without begging.

“It is clear from the way the government handled the Technical Committee towards the completion of the second and final draft of constitution that the PF Government did not mean well. And at this moment, the process is irreversible because the document is not for certain individuals but for all the people of Zambia,” Nyirenda said.

Nyirenda said that the PF government should be reminded that Zambians have records of President Sata demanding for the new and better constitution during the reign of President Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda.He stated that it was President Sata while in the opposition who frustrated the National Constitution Conference (NCC) adding that Zambians had not forgotten how hard the PF worked to sabotage the work of the NCC.

He said that the recent utterance by President Sata that those talking about the Constitution should be ignored was not only a sign of insincerity but also an abuse of human rights on the part of those who wanted to express themselves in the debate.“Now that the PF’s turn to deliver on the constitution has come, we want the constitution now; especially that colossal sum of tax payers’ money was spent. Denying Zambians a constitution is a bad joke by the PF,” he said.Nyirenda urged Kabimba to come back in the country and resolve the issues of the constitution rather than trying to portray a good picture out of the country after failing to deliver a people driven constitution.

“The PF leadership have no option but to facilitate the delivery of a people driven constitution as a Jubilee Year Gift of the Zambian people whether they are ready or not,” Nyirenda said.

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  1. The 50+1 clause is needed,because the ruling party at anytime will be forced to be civil with the opposition because the ruling paty may need the opposition in the event of a re-run.They will definately need the support of opposition.

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