Sata must stop scolding fellow leaders in public-CCZ

The Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) has described as humiliating and, embarrassing President Michael Sata’s continued ridiculing and abusing of his Ministers and Members of Parliament in public.

CCZ secretary general Susanne Matale said it was shameful that President Sata had continued disgracing and admonishing his government officials and MPs each time he had something against them.

Reverend Matale said the church had taken great exception to President Sata’s public outbursts against fellow leaders both in and outside government and advised the Head of State to develop a culture of responsible and mature leadership by having respect for his ministers and MPs even when he did not agree with them.

Rev Matale said President Sata had the powers to dismiss any Minister or MP whom he considered inept and incompetent and that he should stop the habit of humiliating government officials in public because he faced the risk of some officers taunting him back.

She said if President Sata was telling the nation that he had useless MPs from which he had formed his cabinet, Zambians had a good reason to believe that even the Ministers in his government were useless because they were picked from the same crop of MPs that were not useful.

She  said  Zambians did not want to think that they had a useless government formed out of useless MPs and that President Sata should therefore mind his language each time he was discussing his officials.

President Sata while in Katuba recently branded most of the PF MPs as useless and vowed that he would not look at the application of most of them in the 2016 general elections.

“It is certainly embarrassing and disgraceful for President Sata to continue ridiculing his MPs and Ministers in public. It is a shame that President Sata has continued admonishing fellow leaders in public. As a church, we take great exception that the President has cultivated a culture of publicly dressing down his officials and we would rather he called them in his office or during cabinet meetings away from the cameras and tell them off. Castigating them in public and telling them that they are useless, what should we think about his cabinet?” Rev Matale said.

And Rev Matale has appealed to the opposition political parties to ignore their individual political interests and unite so that they could provide effective checks and balances to the excesses of the Patriotic Front (PF) government.

“If the opposition political parties could work together without necessarily fighting about who would be the next president, we would be happy because that would certainly provide effective checks and balances to the excesses of the PF government. It is not correct that every political party, big or small wants to go to State House. We need an opposition that is united and speak with one voice,” Rev Matale said.

Matale said it was politically wrong for the opposition political parties to preoccupy themselves with who would be the next president at the expense of good governance and the promoting of democracy.


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