Prove you are not ‘useless’-PF MPs challenged

The onus is on all PF MPs to prove that they are not useless as stated by President Sata if Zambians are to take them seriously, says Gallant Youth in Zambia (GYZ) director Henry Mulenga.

Mulenga said the President’s remarks should be taken seriously by all Zambians including the   ministers, because no development should be expected from the PF government which has useless leaders.

He said that it was disgraceful that the head of state could publicly insult his own people without realizing that he was the one failing to provide good leadership.

Mulenga said that the President has power to sack useless MPs just like he has the authority to appoint.

He said that the people of Zambia could not afford to be led by a useless government, and it would therefore be fair if the President appointed another team of people that would be able to deliver to the people’s expectation.

“Let the useless MPs exculpate themselves and point at what they have done for the people that put them into power, otherwise we will hold them accountable ” he said.

Mulenga said that his organisation would take the responsibility to ensure MPs were followed up in their respective constituencies and ensure they delivered accordingly, adding that claims that only MPs in power could perform were wrong.

“The MPs are not doing enough for their constituencies, despite having a role to pay back to their electorates, and now that he (Mr Sata) has personally confirmed their uselessness, we will take the responsibility as youths in this country to have them removed for the future of our nation.

“And we want to put on record that those MPs who feel insulted must take deep  reflection as keeping quiet will imply and prove that they are useless, and the people of Zambia cannot be led by useless people,” he said.

Mulenga claimed that that was why the PF leadership has been rocked by serious internal wrangles before it could even deliver on any of its campaign promises.

“Instead of working hard on fulfilling campaign promises, some leaders in the PF government are engaged in serious wrangles, which is not helpful to the people of Zambia,” he said.