Sata deaf to ‘Constitution’ reason

President Michael Sata is not prepared to listen to the Zambian people over their wish for a people driven constitution, Bishop Paul Mususu has said.

President Sata has challenged those pushing for the enactment of a new people driven constitution to state whether they have ever seen an ‘animal driven’ constitution.

Mususu has advised Zambians not to waste their breath and counsel on President Sata because he was not a listening president and has already made up his mind that he will not give Zambians a people driven constitution.

“I have elected to remain quiet on the constitution debate because it is a waste of time and breath to advise Mr. Sata, he is not going to give the people the constitution. I want Zambians to prove me wrong on this one. He has already made up his mind, it is frustrating to continue talking about the same things to a person who doesn’t listen and Mr. Sata cannot listen that is the way he is,” frustrated Bishop Mususu said.

He said that he had decided to remain silent on the ongoing debate on the constitution because President Sata had proved to be a very difficult man to listen to any counsel and therefore, he didn’t want to waste his breath on a non listening president.

“I didn’t believe and trust that Mr. Sata can fulfill any of the promises he made just like I did not trust that he would fulfill the Barotse Agreement. He failed and what should make me trust that the constitution will be done under Mr. Sata,” said Bishop Mususu.

But President Sata said people calling for the people driven constitution should first show a document which was animal drive.

He said this yesterday in Lusaka after receiving the Wynter Kabimba tribunal report from the Judge Evans Hamaundu led tribunal set up weeks ago to probe him of abuse of office allegations.  “I don’t not understand why some people are always demanding for a people driven constitution when Zambia already has a valid constitution. And for all of you here, ask the most learned woman here, Madam Chibesakunda. You are always saying people driven constitution, people driven constitution. Madam, where do you have an animal driven constitution?” President Sata asked as senior government officials attending the ceremony broke into laughter.

President Sata further said, “Have you ever seen an animal driven constitution? Which country because everybody is talking of people driven constitution, so once you produce the animal driven one, let’s ask Mr. Phiri, once you produce the animal driven constitution, we compare the two constitutions, what we have and then we shall look at that.”