ZDDM writes State House


Opposition Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) has written to State House seeking audience with President Sata on several national matters.

ZDDM leader Edwin Sakala said that his party and other opposition parties were seriously discussing the idea of picketing and camping at State House with a view of getting a response and clarification on the stand of the President on various issues.

“Opposition political parties are planning to picket and hold a demonstration outside State House to protest the confrontational stand that President Michael Sata has taken towards national issues in total disregard of the social contract he holds with the Zambian people,” Sakala said

He explained that the demonstration was intended to show that Zambia was not a monarchy but a democracy in which governments were elected to serve the interests of the people.

Sakala said that his party was desperate for civil politics and national unity through inter-party dialogue which was fading under the PF leadership.

“This persistence and determination to revive the culture of political dialogue is out of great concern because our country continues to miss the opportunity of being one of Africa’s greatest nation as a result of the social, political, economic and moral decay created by PF” he said

Sakala said that the country had continued to be let down because of the culture of putting personal and political interest above the welfare of the ordinary citizens.

“We remember Mr. President, when you served as leader of the largest opposition party and indeed even when still serving as Minister without Portfolio in the MMD government, we used to have regular Interparty dialogue meetings where you contributed a lot to the unity of this country,” the read.

Sakala stated that there have been unresolved issues over the general governance system of the country which President Sata had decided to ignore including the problem of high unemployment and subsequent lack of income to meet the ‘more money in your pockets’ PF slogan.