PF buying voters cards in Katuba

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has accused the Patriotic Front (PF) of buying votes in Katuba Constituency ahead of next week’s by-elections.

UPND Youth Information and Publicity Secretary, Gilbert Liswaniso told Daily Nation that PF government through the office of the Vice President under the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unity (DMMU) yesterday sent a team in Katuba to rehabilitate Kalala Primary School which had the roof, blown off.

“DMMU and Zambia National Service are on the ground and have come with sand, building blocks and roof at Kalala Primary School to rehabilitate it,” he said.

Liswaniso said it was against the electoral code of conduct for the PF government to be constructing a school at this time when all along the school was abandoned.

“We are appealing to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to critically look into this matter because it was clear vote buying,” he said.

Liswaniso said the PF government is expected to start rehabilitating the school because yesterday they had already delivered all the necessary building equipment.

He said it was disappointing for the PF government to be building a school only a few days before the by-election.

“Why didn’t the PF government rehabilitate the school even when Dr. Patrick Chikusu(RIP) was still alive,” he said.

Liswaniso said the PF government should stop the rehabilitation of Kalala Primary School and do it after the by-elections in order to encourage transparency in the process.

He said it was a clear indication that the PF government was scared of the UPND candidate in Katuba hence deciding to buy votes by constructing a school.

UPND youth who expressed disappointment accused the PF of vote buying in the area and called on independent authorities to help expose vote buying by the ruling party.

Kalala Primary School has only 2 classroom blocks and one of the buildings did not have iron roofing since 2011 after being washed away following a heavy down pour.

The School has for the past 2 years been abandoned by the PF government and now they are on the ground to rehabilitate the school.

According to a source on the ground, DMMU and ZNS are also expected to build a wall fence at Kalala Primary School.

2 thoughts on “PF buying voters cards in Katuba

  1. PF are so stupid these are the things they complained about MMD when in opposition and now they do the same.
    Daylight corruption in Katuba.
    Just take their renovations and vote for UPND who will make sure there is books and teachers to go with the school.
    Not just bandaid solutions by PF to buy votes.

  2. It is well known that the UNDP candidate for Katuba tried several times to bribe nephews of the incumbent of the Katuba parliamentary seat .He found a nephew who accepted his bribe. It is a known fact that the UNPD candidate for Katuba was celebrating the death of the incumbent. It is a fact that he made declarations that the incumbent would die by the end of 2013 and a by election would follow in 2014. A nephew who was a former body guard to the deceased MP for Katuba confirmed he and other nephews were offered several bribes to assassinate their uncle.

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