Bemba chiefs confront Sata

President Michael Sata has declared that he will not recognise Henry Kanyata Sosala former senior chief Mwamba, as the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II of the Bemba people.

And the Head of State surprised the four man team from Bembaland that held a meeting with him at State House on Thursday last week when he chased Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda from the meeting.

Spokesperson for the Bashilubemba Washanga Impika Shapalubemba confirmed that the meeting took place on Thursday last week at State House.

Washanga Impika said three members of the Bashilubemba and the chief advisor to the Chitimukulu were asked to come to State Housefor a meeting with the Head of State and upon arrival, they were led by the Chikwanda to State House.

He said when the Bashilubemba arrived at State House, Chikwanda advised the President to listen to what the four-man team had to tell him regarding the rightful heir to the Chitimukulu throne but it was surprising that the President asked Chikanda to leave his office by saying that he was not supposed to be part of the meeting.

He said the Head of State also refused to listen to Chief Chimba who was the delegation leader and asked Katumbi Kashitu the chief advisor to the Chitimukulu to explain to him why the Bashilubemba had appointed Henry Sosala as the Chitimukulu.

“We were surprised because ba Chikwanda was the one who ushered us into State House and it is clear that he wants this issue to be resolved once and for all but the President said he was not supposed to be part of the meeting and asked him to leave his office.

“There was nothing new to tell the President because our position has never changed as Henry Kanyanta Sosala was the rightful heir to the throne. There is no other alternative but to maintain our current Mwinelubemba. We wondered why the President had also refused to listen to our delegation leader Chief Chimba and opted to talk to the Kashitu but all the same what we said is what the appointing authority of the Bemba chiefdom deemed fit,” Washanga said.

He revealed that the team found the argument by the President that Henry Sosala was not the rightful heir to the throne and that Muchinga was not represented unfounded because Chief Chikwanda and Nkula represented the area and that the President was not the one to appoint the Chitimukulu.

He said also that the President could not give an outright answer when he was asked to tell the group whom he wanted to be appointed Chitimukulu.

However, President Sata asked the four man team to leave his office when they told him that it was not there duty to avail him with the written evidence of the family tree of the Mwinelubemba which he asked for as it had been sent to him twice.

“When we gave him papers that showed that Chief Chikwanda and Nkula represent Muchinga he refused to look at them and changed direction by demanded for another paper that showed the family tree for the Chitimukulu.

Washanga further said it was clear that the head of State was embarrassed to reverse his decision on the matter and just wanted to be arrogant on a matter that was clear. He said the President should not be embarrassed but come to terms with reality.

One thought on “Bemba chiefs confront Sata

  1. Bashilubemba ignore the president and any further visits to state house! Sata will leave state house another person will occupy it, you will still have your chosen Chitimukulu. Pray the next person recognizes your choice of Chitimukulu and restores all the respect due to the Bemba Chiefdom throne. Bashilubemba lest you forget why try to be reasonable with someone who shunned mourning the immediate past Chitimukulu (MHSRIP)? The Bemba clan is very big and able to support the Chitimukulu! Move on so long the chiefdom subjects recognize their Chitimukulu thats what matters most, gazetting is only a formality perpetuating colonial injustice on traditional authority.

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