Call us animals; we still demand new constitution-Mambo

The people of this country will not stop demanding for a people-driven constitution even if President Sata has started calling Zambians useless and animals, Chikondi Foundation president Bishop John Mambo has charged.

Mambo said Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), the Church and Zambians would not stop asking for the constitution abusing them despite President Sata verbally.

He said if there was a good constitution, the country could not be having unnecessary expensive by-elections at the expense of developmental projects.

“If we had a good constitution, the President cannot be calling his MPs useless. This shows that the new constitution is needed to avoid such comments from the head of State. If we had a good constitution, they would be no reported corrupt practices that a rich person has grabbed land from a poor person,” Mambo said.

“We are a Christian nation. We need a new constitution before Zambia celebrates 50 years of independence so that the citizens can boast that they have a new constitution,” he said.

Mambo said the draft constitution was already in the hands of the general public and that President Sata should accept the demands of the people and release the document because calls for a new constitution would not end.

Mambo said President Sata should not forget that it was the people who choose presidents warning that Zambians were angry and would easily vote Sata out of State House in 2016.

“There is no constitution when does not is able to respect the electorates and does not deliver the promises.  We are in our last hour. We want to continue to see peace stability in this country,” he said.

Mambo said changing goal posts on the promises he made to Zambians was not wanted in leadership.