Katuba headman exposes PF vote buying

Buying of votes in Katuba constituency by PF has continued, says Headman Chilwana Luswana.

Headman Luswana claimed that fellow two named headmen had been paid mone to try and win  votes in Chunga and Muchenje wards.

Luswana said the PF government has also bought sand, crushing stones and iron sheets for Katete Primary School in Mungule ward, Malichushi primary and Musopoplo Primary school of Muchengwe ward.

“As I am talking to you right now these building materials are on the ground in all the three primary schools here in Katuba,” he said.

The headman expressed disappoinment in the PF government because it had neglected the area since coming into power and that there was no way it could start building schools now.

And National Restoration Party (NAREP) Central Province Chairman, Jimmy Mubambwe said the Party has received information that RDA chairman Willie Nsanda was seen dishing out K20 notes to the residents of Katuba.

Mubambwe said he did not understand what Nsanda was doing in Katuba by dishing out money even to juveniles in the area.

Mubambwe also accused PF government of having failed the Central Province adding that there has never been development in the area from the time PF came into power in 2011.

“I want to agree with the Head of State for saying that his Members of Parliament are useless because all the two PF MP’s in Central province have failed to deliver to the expectations of people who voted for them into office,” he said.

Mubambwe said the PF government promised heaven on earth but had failed to fulfill its  promises.

“Today the Head of State has changed the people-driven constitution to animal-driven constitution and that is an insult to Zambians because it means we Zambians are animals. The same government also promised to open the Mulungushi Textiles so that the youths in the province can have jobs but all we have is a white elephant at the old textile company.Mubambwe also said it was pointless to celebrate the Jubilee year because there was no peace in the country. The economy of this country has been performing extremely poorly and people here in Central Province can hardly afford two decent meals per day,” he said.

But PF members have refuted claims by UPND campaign manager Request Mutanga that the PF officials were buying votes in Katuba.

PF secretary general Bridget Atanga said the allegations by Muntanga were false.

She said the food which her party officials bought was for the PF members who were in camp to campaign for their candidate.“We cannot keep our people hungry. We need to eat when doing our campaigns. The food stuff Mutanga mentioned was bought for our members and not the voters,” she said.And Elias Chipimo told the residents at Muchenje high school during a political rally that voting for the ruling party was a non starter as they had failed to deliver on their campaign promises.Chipimo who took time read the word of God on Sunday afternoon shared Exodus 6:2-4 with Katuba residents and asked them to choose between life and death.

He said voting for the PF government was the same as chooing death because the ruling party had nothing to offer them.