Cartel running Zambia says Shakas

Zambia is being governed by a cartel of few individuals assisted by the family forest, newly United Party for Nation Development (UPND) elected Katuba Member of Parliament (MP) Jonas Shakafuswa has charged.

Shakafuswa said as a result there was massive mediocrity because people were not appointed on merit but consanguinity, a criteria that had completely compromised the governance of the country.

Shakafuswa has said that for the first time, he was in agreement with President Michael Sata that the Patriotic Front (PF) was a party with useless MPs because ´most of them had failed the Head of State.

“The PF has no agenda because of resorting to using pangas when it comes to addressing issues. For us Mr. Speaker it is not strange because President Sata is on record having said that he has useless MPs and I have realized that the same useless MPs the Head of State was talking about are here in parliament. These are useless MPs,” said Shakafuswa.

Shakafuswa has warned the Patriotic Front to stop unleashing what he described as militias from Intercity bus terminus and Misisi compound from harassing innocent Zambians.

Shakafuswa said that it was strange that the PF government was using thugs organized from intercity bus terminus and Misisi compound to victimize and brutalise people perceived to be sympathizers of the opposition political parties.

Making his maiden speech in parliament yesterday, Shakafuswa said that he was sent to parliament by Katuba residents for the purpose of delivering and important massage that with or without the PF, development would be delivered to Katuba.

He said that the people of Katuba were determined to participate in the development of the country by ensuring development was taken to Katuba.

“I have been sent to tell the Patriotic Front government that Zambia did not belong to them (PF) or their mothers but for everyone. Mr. Speaker Sir, there are issues the people out there must know about what transpired during the elections in Katuba. The people of Zambia and world over must know that Ministers and other government officials in the PF threatened people against voting for UPND candidates. They said that if they voted for the opposition, the PF as a party in government will not deliver development in the area.   We shall not allow PF to turn the country into a battle zone and take back the country into the 17th century,” said Shakafuswa.

He said that it was sad that the PF was using thugs from intercity bus terminus to victimize people in Katuba, adding that the violence that characterized the Katuba by-election was caused by PF militias from Kanyama and Misisi who were sent to attack and beat up innocent people in the area for not voting for the PF candidate.

Shakafuswa told parliament that his party and other individuals had recorded about 28 incidences, created by the PF, saying that all the reports of assaults and attacks were reported to the police.

“These 28 incidences we recorded were actual beatings and police were incapacitated, they could not do anything because of the threats from PF cadres and ministers,” he said as other Members of Parliament kept on shouting Sikazwe, Sikazwe, Sikazwe.

He said that during the poll day, a named minister went to Katuba and started beating people along hired thugs from Lusaka’s Intercity and Misisi compound.

Shakafuswa warned that the PF thugs were luck that the UPND defence team was restrained from hitting back, “They were luck that our defence team did not go for them. It would have been the end of their militia,” he said.

And Shakafuswa said that the loss of the Katuba seat by the PF was a lesson about the blowing wind of change against the kind of government the PF were providing to the people.

He said that the loss was the end of the PF, adding that it was uncalled for, for the PF to use violence in order to silence the people of Zambia.

“The loss by the PF in Katuba is the end of the party. They must not use violence because of their many shortcomings; the people will never be silenced. Kabimba is on record having said that the PF is the most violent party; Kabimba is on record of saying that the PF is the most indiscipline party and tribal, so we are not going to allow a tribal party which now scheming to promote a minor tribe and language to be taught in schools even in areas where it is not widely spoken,” said Shakafuswa.

Shakafuswa condemn the tribal talk and promotion by the PF, saying Zambians should not accept tribal colonialism under the PF.

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  1. Nonsense from a murderer who did not even pass grade 7. A million dollars to bring you to justice beast. Go back to your prostitutes.

    1. I do not always agree with Jonas, but some points he is raising are valid. It’s time to wake up. Oh, by the way, Jonas is an Economist (Economics MAJOR and Business Administration MINOR)that studied at UNZA 1985-1989. Thought you would like to know

  2. This Shaka garbage is a CHIKOPO!Do yourself a favour and shoot yourself and rid humanity of the worthless nonsense you are. You have contributed nothing to Zambia or the world at large. You are only famous for murder,addiction to prostitutes and stealing from the people of Katuba. Your tomb stone should read worthless garbage good riddance to bad rubbish.

  3. I think this new MP is talking sense. we need more MPs like him and like Lucky Mulusa in parliament and not the useless pf MPs.

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