LAZ warns of mass demos

The Law Association of Zambia has warned of mass demonstrations throughout  the country if the PF government fails to deliver a people driven constitution to Zambians.

And chaos once more broke out in Parliament yesterday when opposition MPs continued to demand for a road map towards the enactment of a new constitution.

Business was suspended for almost two hours during which time the speaker brokered an agreement between the executive and opposition for direction talks to be held by Tuesday next week.

But opposition have warned of further chaos if no tangible steps are made towards a new contitution by Tuesday.

Meanwhile LAZ president  James Banda has warned of further tribulation for as long as the President and his government continued to trivialize the matter, “government should expect pressure to continue from all well-meaning Zambians who were simply demanding what they were entitled to” he said.

The best and definite assurance for a new constitution he said could only come from the President of Zambia himself by exercising his executive power with dignity and showing proper leadership at all times.

“All forms of protests from LAZ, MPs, Churches, NGOS and other well-meaning Zambians will not stop until government delivered a people driven constitution to the people,” Banda said.

He said LAZ fully supported opposition MPs over the enactment of a people-driven constitution following their rejection of the ministerial statement by Minister of Justice in parliament on the status of the constitution-making process.

He said that the Minister’s statement did not do justice to the issue considering that President Sata had clearly stated that there was no need for a new Constitution. Banda cautioned that the President should not be surprised that even his own ministers and party officials who he declared useless have already and or would soon see sense and equally demand that a new constitution be enacted.

“We are pleased that finally opposition Members of Parliament   have taken this fight right into the House, because MPs are elected to stay in the House and debate and not to walk out,” he said. The PF compromised National Assembly Speaker Patrick Matibini was forced to order the Sergeant at Arms to forcefully remove opposition MPs for disrupting proceedings. But the MPs stood their grounds and decided to remain standing in the house.There were shouts of ‘strangers in the House’ when Matibini called for Parliament police to intervene after the situation was almost becoming volatile, with some MPs threatening to start throwing shoes.Matibini told all the opposition MPs who were disrupting the proceedings that their conduct was “disorderly” and they should leave the House, but they all refused and remained standing.

At one stage, Mwandi MMD MP, Michael Kaingu told Matibini that the House had become ungovernable because the Speaker had allowed strangers to enter the House.Banda said that the demands from Member of Parliaments, who represented various constituencies in Zambia echoed the growing discontent and waning tolerance of the Zambian people over the failure by the government to expedite the constitution-making process. He said that the Association again urged and pleaded with the government to take swift action to remedy the situation and respond to the people’s cry for a new constitution. Banda said that there were many contradictory statements coming from the same government, and it was important that the Head of State himself assures the country that they would get a new constitution.

“Time limits have to be stated and a clear road map and budget should be put in place to ensure that a referendum is held and finally the people of Zambia are given a people driven constitution. It is very clear that the people of this country will not stop demanding what is rightly theirs and no amount of intimidation will work,” he said.


2 thoughts on “LAZ warns of mass demos

  1. Sometimes the contradictory statements coming out of the PF is mind boggling indeed. Such lunatical erratic behavior borders on sheer madness. I mean, in one breath, they accuse HH of leading a tribal party that has traction only among Tongas. In the right next breath, they accuse him of paralyzing the entire parliament by giving his Members of Parliament express instructions to continue disrupting the Speaker and proceedings in Parliament! To me, this is realization on their part that “Inchobeni nchobeni Humulumendo Humukali Haleisa Haleisa”. Some people should start negotiating refugee status abroad to leave out the rest of their useless lives, this is timely warning because we are hell bent on getting even this time.

  2. Sata is pretty much like Nicolae Ceauşescu, he is so wedded to stinking “wenye, kubeja, buhata” etc so much so that he has wholly become blind to reality in the PK Chisala type. There is nothing that will stop him from ordering soldiers to shoot MPs or ordinary Zambias. Except for one thing he is overlooking, he will himself end up like this, please visit this Youtube:

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