Tayali appeals to opposition MPs to continue protesting

Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) should continue mounting pressure on government to release the final draft constitution so that the country could have a new constitution before 2016, Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali has said.

Tayali said MPs should continue chanting for the new constitution in the House because President Michael Sata and the PF had refused to listen to the demands of Zambians to have the new constitution.

“As at now, the view that the PF government would deliver a people-driven constitution was off the mark because President Sata’s statements on the document were clear. Therefore, the MPs should use Parliament sessions to continue demonstrating until the document released. Zambians have placed their hopes in the opposition MPs to ensure that the constitution is enacted. The MPs should not stop calling for the new constitution because Zambians believe that, through them the document will be released,” Tayali said.

He said the MPs should continue with their demonstrations until President Sata succumbed to their demands for the quick enactment of the new constitution through  the constitution to the owner and the Zambian people had a people driven constitution.

Tayali said the ruling party should swallow its pride and admit the mistakes they had made in handling the issue of the constitution.

He said the PF should avoid acrimony and antagonism in the constitution making processbecause Zambians would judge them harshly in the next general elections.

“What government should realise is that, from parliament, the demonstration would go in the streets which would cause chaos in country and the country would easily nbecaome ungovernable. President Sata would be held accountable if the country would be thrown in chaos because of the inability by government to honour its pledge and deliver the new constitution that hhas met the aspirations of citizens,” Tayali said.

Tayali said government had an opportunity to win the trust of Zambians if it could deliver the constitution.

“If this matter is not sorted out soon and if it resulted to people losing lives, the Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba would have to face arrest for causing the death of citizens. If the issue of the constitution is not dealt reasonably, it would bring chaos which might result in the loss of life,” Tayali said.


2 thoughts on “Tayali appeals to opposition MPs to continue protesting

  1. Zambians have patience thus them being labeled docile, however when Zambians feel “enough is enough” they erupt as a volcano!


    Fellow country men and women time to unit has come. The Constitution fight is now gain momentum.
    Thanks to the students bodies that have come to add value in the fight for the constitution to be delivered to the Zambian people. This requires efforts from all well meaning Zambians to join hands. People must know that it will not be easy for PF to give Zambians a promised Constitution because the President himself has stated that there is no need to have a constitution as though that was not enough. The Head of State himself has told the world that his team[MPS ] most of them are useless. So how do you expect a divided team of government to give you results. You can prove the failure from the way our kwacha rate now is, K5 840 per dollar which is the same as K6000 per US$ dollar. And when the incoming President HH tells them that they have failed to manage the economy and the affairs of the nation they call him names. If PF want to improve they should admit failure then they start building from that angle unlike pretending that all is well when not. Viva HH, Viva people of Zambia we invite you all join the party of the moment which will bring the real change in the way of managing the socialand economic affairs our beloved country Zambia.Opposition MPs continue with the same spirit. Know that even PF MPs are behind because they are also not happy to called that they are useless. Most of them are talking in social places that they have been insulted and they are waiting for the opposition to act sooner than later they will also be to side of the Zambian people but they are just afraid to talk for avoidance of victimisation from PF thugs.

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