CDF chairman arrested

POLICE in North-western province have arrested a Constituency Development Fund (CDF) chairman for Manyinga district Steven Chinoya and two others for alleged theft of property purchased using CDF.

North-western province Deputy Police Chief Michael Nkaka confirmed the arrest of the three after the matter was reported to the police by Manyinga District Commissioner

Mr Nkaka said Mr Chinoya aged 42years of Sondefunde area, ward councilor for Kaula ward Moses Kanyanta aged 43 and another CDF committee member Fotiya Francis were arrested and detained for allegedly theft of property purchased from CDF funds.

Nkaka said in an interview in Solwezi yesterday that the property which included 6 iron sheets, 62 rolls of brick fence wires, 20 window flames, 20 litres of PVA paints, were property for the construction of the school project in the district.

Other property stolen by the members of the CDF committee included 9x 5 litres of oil paint , 5 litres   of preservatives, 3x 5 litres of PVA paint, 2 batches of electrical cables, 3 boxes of floor tiles, Window pat and oil paint.

Nkaka said the property purchased using CDF was stolen between the storeroom and the projects’ destination.

‘I can confirm that we have arrested CDF chairman for Manyinga district who has been identified as Steven Chinoya of Sondefunde area for allegedly stealing property purchased from CDF. ‘The CDF chairman and two others stole these properties between the store room and the project. The others are ward councilor for Kaula ward Moses Kanyanta aged 43 and another ward CDF committee member identified as Fotiya Francis. All of them are Luchazi by tribe of Chief Sikufele area,” Nkaka said.

Nkaka said three quarters of the stolen property had been recovered from the three suspects and a docket had been opened, and they would appear in court soon.