Masheke condemns police deployment at Parliament


Opposition Alliance Chairman General Malimba Masheke says leaders should not create trouble for the country by abusing the police and has demanded to know why Police officers were deployed at Parliament buildings last Friday.

Gen. Masheke said that the deployment of police officers at parliament was unprecedented in the history of the country.

“Leaders should not create trouble for the country by abusing police because there is nothing the Speaker of the National Assembly could have failed to do at Parliament,” he said

General Masheke noted that Zambians were angry people because of the inertia by the Patriotic Front government and its failure to release the draft constitution.

“I am in agreement with the conduct of Members of Parliament last week and I am encouraging them to keep pressing for the constitution at parliament. We don’t want anybody including leaders to cause trouble for this country. They must know that people are angry in the country because of the reluctance by the PF to release the final draft constitution,” said Gen Masheke.

He said setting police on innocent people would not stop anyone demanding for the new constitution, adding that government should realize that the police officers they were sending to victimize individuals were part of the same families government wanted them turn against.

“These are our children, we live with them. I know that at some point they will refuse to go for their own relatives and families. So it is important for government to realize that the issue of the constitution affects everyone,” said Gen Masheke.

General Masheke said that the deployment of police officers at parliament buildings had never happened in the history of the country, saying that what happened last week was uncalled for and it should not repeat itself.

And General Masheke wanted to know what motivated the deployment of police as there was clearly nothing that could have necessitated such an action against Members of Parliament.

Gen. Masheke, who is former Prime Minister in  the UNIP government, said that he found such an action by police unprecedented in the country where democracy was at play. He said that he did not see any panic that could have necessitated such action from the police because no Member of Parliament was allowed to enter the Parliament building with weapons.