Sata should tame his brutal cadres says Mtayachalo

President Michael Sata should openly condemn the unruly behavior of PF cadres that have threatened to attack opposition Members of Parliament in the House if they continue to press for the release of the draft constitution.

MMD Copperbelt publicity secretary Yotam Mtayachalo said the Head of State should tell the nation why the PF had the most unmanageable cadres who intimidated anyone and everyone with views divergent from the ruling regime.

Mtayachalo observed that it had become the norm for the President to show indifference whenever his party cadres unleash violence and has challenged Mr Sata to tell the nation why he condoned such unbecoming behaviour.

He warned that the MMD would not allow the country to degenerate into lawlessness under the PF reign.

“Kennedy Kamba and his PF cadres have no business in parliament because it is illegal and unacceptable for him to force himself in the House. Kamba faces arrest because if he enters Parliament he will commit a serious crime.

“Kamba must realise that governments come and go. Who is Kamba to restore order in parliament? He may be protected now but he must know that 2016 is near and he will not be protected and he will be held accountable for perpetuating violence,” Mtayachalo said.

The MMD leader further said that it was clear that Kamba was acting out of ignorance because what the law makers were doing was not strange and was being done in the interest of all Zambians.

Mtayachalo said MMD will not sit idle and watch while the PF thugs attacked opposition Members of Parliament but rise up and defend them.

He said Kamba had problems with his party members who have constantly said he should leave the party because of acts of violence.

He advised the PF youth not to divert attention from the problems he was facing in his own party by trying to champion violence at Parliament.“We expect Kamba if he is concerned about what is happening in Parliament to advise President Sata to deliver on his campaign promises. As MMD we are very much ready to take them head on as we shall not stop until PF delivers a constitution that would stand the test of time without any delays.“I appeal to Zambians to fight this war to the bitter end no matter what it costs until we have the constitution. It is very unfortunate that the President has been mute on issues of violence and threats. We want the President to tell us if violence is his style of leadership after promising to govern this nation using the 10 commandments from the Bible,” he said.