Post courier trucks loaded stolen copper ore from a house-witness


One of the drivers of the two Post Courier trucks impounded in Solwezi for carrying stolen copper ore has testified that the copper ore was loaded from a house in a Solwezi residential area.

Nixon Magalashi told the Solwezi Magistrate yesterday that the copper ore was loaded at a house in a residential area known as Saviye in Solwezi.

Magalashi testified in a case where two Chinese and one Zambian were arrested and two Post Courier trucks impounded by police in Solwezi for carrying stolen Copper ore.

The three accused are Liu Kunlai, Rodney Maila and Fiona Hu and all of them pleaded not guilty to the charge when they appeared for plea on July 29, 2013 and were given cash bail of K20,000 each.

“The Copper ore was loaded at a residential area. I parked my truck. At the gate I saw some sacks; I went to check the document. I noticed Zambia Railways stamp in the document. When I noticed that the document had ZR stamps, I concluded that the copper ore was genuine.

“The Copper ore was packed in big bags. The bags were many. I saw some ore that was down. That is why I was sure that was copper ore. Chinese gentlemen were loading. They loaded some thirteen bags,” Magalashi said.

He said his truck had tents by the sides and they had not finished loading when police officers came. “I saw one person carrying a gun that is why I concluded that they were police officers. The officers spoke to Liu Kunlai who was present at the house,” He said.

The case has had more than five adjournments for various reasons from the time it started with the latest adjournment being from March 3 to March 13

On January 24, the case was adjourned to February 18 and March 3 for mention and defense respectively but was adjourned to March 3, but it was adjourned again to March 13 because the accused applied for an adjournment because their lawyer Iven Mulenga was not available.

The adjournment from January 24 to February 18 was because one of the accused, Liu Kunlai had gone out of the country for business and got stranded.

The matter was earlier adjourned on December 27, 2013 so that the defense lawyer could prepare the defense for his clients, but yesterday failed to take off.

The matter has been dragging for various reasons.