Sata is being cheated-Nalubamba

A traditional leader has charged that President Michael Sata is being cheated on the political environment in the country by the people surrounding him, senior Chief Bright Nalubamba has said.

Senior Chief Nalubamba said it will be tragic if he (President Sata) is going to continue governing the country without listening to well meant criticism meant to heal the differences he has created with the traditional leadership.

The Chief has expressed worry that President Sata had adopted an antagonistic and acrimonious attitude in resolving national matters such as the deteriorating relationship between traditional leadership, and the constitution making process.

The traditional leader has appealed to the Head of State to watch and critically think about the advice he was receiving from his advisors some of whom were not in government, because there was a  danger that the country could easily slide into a chaotic political crisis.

Senior Chief Nalubamba said he was ready to be misunderstood by President Sata for telling him the truth about the situation in the country stating that the Head of State’s propensity to meddle in the traditional affairs including the succession process had left chiefdoms angry.

He said the people pretending that they loved President Sata were in fact his enemies and were determined to destroy him because their agenda was to make citizens rise against the Patriotic Front (PF) leadership.

He said President Sata’s greatest enemies were his advisors stating that it was unfortunate that the Head of State did not know that his close associates were skillfully preparing his down fall.

The traditional leader stated that the 1964 Barotse Agreement would continue haunting President Sata, and until and unless the issue was resolved, the people of Western Province would continue demanding that the campaign pledge of restoring the agreement honoured.

He cautioned that Zambians should not wait until the differences between the people of Western Province, the Bemba Royal Establishment, and others escalated into chaos because that would spell doom to the governance of the country.

Senior Chief Nalubamba said traditional leadership was a critical part of good governance and that government should avoid the temptation of antagonizing the traditional leaders because they were the leadership that was in direct contact with the grassroots.

“I do not believe in appeasement and President Sata as my friend whom I love must be told the truth about the real political environment.  Frank talk must never break friendship. The people that pretend they love the president are in fact his worst enemies. They praise him and they tell him what he wants to hear and those are his greatest enemies. They are preparing his downfall and they will abandon him as soon as that time comes. But I want to sincerely tell him that things in the country are frightening. The antagonistic and acrimonious attitude President Sata has adopted over important issues such as the Barotse Agreement and the constitution making process could easily degenerate into chaos and our President must not be silent about these matters,” Senior Chief Nalubamba said.

The traditional leader has called for dialogue between the PF government and opposition political parties, the church, the civil society organizations and the traditional leadership so that the tension that has gripped the nation could be eased.

He said it was unfortunate that President Sata had differed with almost all the stakeholders in the governance of the country stating that if the PF government wanted the best for the country, they should begin to listen to other voices other than that from within the ruling party.

“President Sata may think I am his enemy but I am his friend. His stand on the new Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Henry Kanyanta Sosala is unacceptable. The Bemba kingdom and the Barotse Royal Establishment are critical kingdoms in the governance of this country.

This country is ours and if it becomes ungovernable, everybody will be affected and that is why I appeal for peaceful ways of resolving differences. That is why I want to advise President Sata and he must stop thinking that it is out of hate, malice or spite,’ Senior Chief Nalubamba said.