Dissolve parliament, Sata dared

Lubansenshi Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka has dared President Michael Sata to dissolve parliament and call for fresh elections if he thinks his party is still popular after so many broken promises.

Mucheleka said that the PF was no longer popular and if President Sata and any other PF member thought they were still popular then President Sata should dissolve parliament.

“On more than three occasions President Sata has dared to dissolve parliament and I dare him to dissolve parliament so that we see who will come back after the many promises they made have failed them,” said Mucheleka.

And Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Gabriel Namulambe has asked the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Patrick Matibini to cite the Daily Nation newspapers, Zambian Voice executive director Chilufya Tayali and All People’s Congress president Nason Msoni for contempt.

Namulambe told parliament that it was uncalled for to attack the Speaker of National Assembly over the conduct of parliamentary proceedings.

Namulambe who rose on a point of order yesterday accused the Daily Nation of publishing contemptuous articles bordering on the integrity and dignity of the House, saying that there was no way the newspaper and other individuals, groups and organisations could be allowed to attack parliament and the speaker.

He said that there was need for the Speaker to be protected from such attacks, adding that Dr. Matibini did not make laws or Standing Orders that govern parliament but just inherited them.

Namulambe accused the Daily Nation of publishing what he called lies and contemptuous articles aimed at misleading the people of Zambia.

According to Namulambe the stories the Daily Nation published in which Tayali accused the Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Matibini of abrogating the constitutional authority by failing to enforce the constitutional duty of the National Assembly by calling the executive to account for the billions of Kwacha allocated on the collapsed constitutional making process was lies and uncalled for.

On Thursday, Tayali accused Dr. Matibini of breaching Article 51 of the Constitution of Zambia which says Cabinet and deputy ministers shall collectively be accountable to the National Assembly.

“The Speaker, Dr. Matibini is Head of the House and if he cannot compel the member’s to deliberate and make laws on the behalf of the Zambian people, then he is certainly and deliberately abrogating his constitutional authority. Why is he there if he has no control over what is deliberated by the members of the House?” wondered Tayali.

Namulambe also said that the article in which APC leader was quoted demanding for the resignation of Dr. Matibini was uncalled for and contemptuous.

He now wants the trio punished by parliament for questioning the Speakers position on various matters that border on national interests.

Namulambe later laid the two newspapers in question on the table of the Speaker together with the 1996 hansard, where Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe and Civil Right Activist the late Lucy Sichone was cited for contempt and convicted by parliament. The point of order prompted Monze Central UPND Member of Parliament Mwiimbu to ask if the House was in order to present over an action which was conducted outside parliament.

However, Dr. Matibini reserved the ruling to next week.

One thought on “Dissolve parliament, Sata dared


    I totally agree with our Independent MP that PF cant win elections today. This is even after the President and PF President called them to be most of them useless , they continued operating as though its very normal to be called useless. Because if these PF MPs had integrity we should have seen them resign so as to prove that they are not useless. No sage person can be called useless and you keep quite. Its just that they have no principles and integrity to defend because if that statement was said in Europe or Japan, We should be by now talking about going for fresh elections as the respectable honourable members of their pariaments would resigned for being insulted and belittled.VIVA HH, the incoming President of Zambia. When we get voted into Office as UPND we shall come show Zambians that we shall be able to reverse from negative to positive culture on the way of managing the national economy and other affairs, not doing things for appeasements. We shall prudently show PF that Yes we under HH and UPND the country will be in safe hands,We shall also come and give back our royal Highnesses the respect and authority they deserve. All we asking for is for Zambians to give us the mandate to govern. God is of mercy to have allowed Mr. Sata Micheal Chilufya to be elected as state President. Now those of us who said he can manage the economy have been proved to correct. Now that you have seen him failing its the time we joined our hands for avoidance of being emotional voters. This time around we urge you to vote wisely. Zambia is ours. VIVA HH , I beg to submit.

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