IG threaten to evoke stern action against demonstrators


The Zambia Police Service has warned of stern action against people wishing to hold processions if they did not abide by the provisions in the Public Order Act.

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani said as a law enforcement agency, they would not relent to remind and enforce the provisions of the Act in order to maintain law and order in the country.

She said police would use all the powers vested in them as a principle law enforcement agency to ensure that law and order is maintained.

Libongani said “As for those who are calling for the breach of this Act, we would like to send a timely warning that we will not tolerate lawlessness in the country. Those wishing to demonstrate are free to do so as long as they follow the provisions of the Public Order Act”.

The IG also categorically pointed out that the Police stood ready to ensure that law and order prevailed in the country for the betterment of all citizens

“We are therefore warning those calling for the breach of the provisions of holding public processions as stipulated in the Act to desist from doing so or face the full wrath of the law,” s

he said.


One thought on “IG threaten to evoke stern action against demonstrators

  1. The same Zambian Police Service has allowed Copperstone University to establish a SUPER-NOISY CENTRE at 4685 Jambo Drive in Riverside, kitwe. The residents in the neighbourhood are outraged and disgusted at this kind thoughtless noise evolving as the order of the day in this quiet area of Kitwe. It seems decency is unknown in the annals of Zambia Police Service.

    Besides, the management of the Copperstone University is projecting a bad image of their University by renting a house to generate NOISE instead of good academic credentials. Their students must exhibit exemplary behaviour to their communities. Potential employers, some of whom live in Riverside, will think twice employing a Copperstone University graduate. May be the Police are merely translating the PF’s much-cherished chaos countrywide.

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