Release Draft Constitution or no reconciliation

Genuine reconciliation which will promote unity, peace and respect for each other cannot be attained under the current constitution, former Zambian Ambassador to Libya Mulondwe Muzungu has said.

Ambassador Muzungu said only a people-driven constitution that would promote and protect the aspirations; rights and freedoms of its citizen would set standards for reconciliation and dialogue between the PF government and other stakeholders.

He said that it was sad that despite President Michael Sata calling for reconciliation in the past, his actions and words indicated lack of commitment towards genuine dialogue.

Muzungu said that the only genuine way to start the process of reconciliation was by seriously addressing all contentious issues Zambians have raised over the rule of law, the Public Order Act, the Constitution and the promotion of good governance and human rights.

“The only way for genuine dialogue that promotes reconciliation is for the PF government to respond to issues of the constitution. Let them show wilingness for reconciliation by releasing the final draft constitution and set a road map for the constitution review process,’ said Muzungu.

And ZADECO president Langton Sichone said that the PF had failed to foster dialogue in a bid to promoting reconciliation.Sichone said that statements attributed to PF leaders were worrying not only to Zambians but also to the international community.

He cited the recent utterances by Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba who said that he did not know the kind of the road map the people of Zambia wanted, a day after President Sata assured diplomats as government’s commitment to enacting a people driven constitution.

One thought on “Release Draft Constitution or no reconciliation


    PF President Micheal Chilufya Sata and our state President chose to dialogue with foriegn diplomats instead of talking with the fellow brothers and sisters who are Zambians,This approach of politics is not good for the country.Could the handlers at state house do something on damage control and change management. If in doubt and you are having no manpower at state house invite some of us to come and assist just for two/ three months and you will see how we can reshape the vision and team building and achieve the objectives of plans of bringing poverty levels down.

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