Bemba chiefs to physically chase police from Chitimukulu palace

Bemba chiefs are mobilizing themselves to march to the palace of Henry Kanyanta Sosala, the newly installed Paramount Chief Chitimukulu to physically chase police officers that have been instructed by President Michael Sata to barricade the official traditional residence to block the Bemba ruler from occupying the house.

The chiefs told the Daily Nation from Kasama that they would take the law into their own hands and deal with the police officers because President Sata had insisted on subjecting Paramount Chief Chitimukulu to inhuman and demeaning conditions.

The chiefs have declared that they have had enough of President Sata’s harassment and humiliation of their ruler and that it was time for them to act and protect their Paramount Chief and the interest of the chiefdom.

They said time had come for them to reclaim their freedom as there was a lot of interference in their traditional matters by the Head of State and other people that did not want Henry Kanyanta Sosala to be installed as Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga II.

“We cannot take this anymore and what President Sata should know is that we are taking the law into our hands and should anything happen in the process he will shoulder the blame. We are tired and our Paramount chief has been subjected to humiliating conditions as the house he is living in is not a proper home for his royal highness because it exposes him to a lot of ailments. That place is not conducive as he has been suffering from Malaria so often. The security officers have been here since November 2013 and we do not know why they were deployed at the palace. This is not State House where the President is surrounded by security officers, this is Lubemba and we shall not tolerate this anymore because we are not at war with anyone,” said one chief.

The chiefs who wondered why the President had insisted on keeping police officers in the chiefdom said the officers deployed to guard the palace had been complaining as they did not know why they were deployed there.

And an officer who did not want to be named confirmed that they had deployed at the Palace since November last year and that they were not being paid their allowances.

He said no one had been paid their allowances and that their superiors could not allow them to leave as they were acting on instructions from the Head of State.

“Most of us want to leave this place but because we are working under instructions, we are failing to do so for fear that we may lose our jobs. We are just here doing nothing and it is true we have not received our allowances as it was promised. We have several times tried to inquire when we shall be released but no proper answer is being given even after telling them that the place is very peaceful,” the officer said.

The Police command deployed police officers at Malole and the surrounding areas days before the public enthronement of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu in November last year after President Sata refused to recognise him as the heir to the throne.

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  1. These are tectonic signals, starting as minor simmering tremors, but soon to evolve into a gigantic TSUNAMI in Kasama. The resultant upheavals are likely to send ripples into the Copperbelt and Lusaka provinces, wherever the Bembas reside in urban areas.

  2. To Their Royal Highness es , you seem to be enjoying the situation you are in, you have have not bothered to address this issue through dialogue with the President himself, what is the problem that you dont want to share with the rest of the country?

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