Impeachment motion, today

Opposition Members of Parliament (MPs) are planning to move a motion of impeachment and vote of no confidence to protest government’s failure to observe the law. 

MMD vice-president for Politics Dr Michael Kaingu has said his party was consulting other opposition political parties on the possibility of impeaching President Michael Sata for his continuos breach of the law and constitution.

The opposition members feel demeaned that government has refused to account for the K150 billion spent on the constitution making process that has collapsed and want a vote of no confidence to protest government’s abuse of public funds on a project that the executive had no political will to execute.

Dr. Kaingu also said that the revelations that President Sata directed Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo to cancel the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) 19 Safari hunting concession tender was a breach of the constitution and abuse of presidential powers that warranted an impeachment motion.

And former Siavonga Member of Parliament (MP) Douglas Syakalima has charged that President Sata has committed numerous constitutional breaches and Members of Parliament (MPs) should with immediate effect commence impeachment proceedings.

“We are saddened that President Sata has been dragged into the cancellation of the ZAWA tender by Masebo. As the MMD we have started looking at the possibility of impeaching Mr. Sata. He has breached the constitution by directly getting involved in the procurement process at ZAWA among many other constitutional transgressions. The revelation by ZPPA that President Sata has no powers to cancel the concession is enough indictment to have him impeached,” said Dr. Kaingu. We have started consultations with our colleagues in parliament to move the motion. We shall make the Speaker re-call parliament when we are done with the consultations with the purpose of impeaching the President,” Dr. Kaingu said.

Syakalima has charged that it had become clear that President Sata had no respect for the rule of law and had completely failed to govern the country according to the dictates of the constitution.

And Syakalima said the only way to correct the constitutional breaches that have been committed by the President was to impeach him because it had become clear that he had no respect for the constitution which he has sworn to protect and defend.

Syakalima observed that impeaching President Sata was the only alternative means of saving the country from being governed in a hegemonic style.

Syakalima said there was enough documented evidence that the country’s constitution was being vandalized at will by President Sata warning that there was a danger that the country could easily become ungovernable if he (Sata) was not stopped.

“There are many reasons why President Sata should be impeached, the main reason being the breach of the constitution and this should be done now. Let MPs commence the proceedings in order to save this country. There is too much impunity in the manner the PF is governing the country. There is too much anarchy, disorganization and disorder in the country and all these are being done and promoted by the PF leadership,” said Syakalima.

He said that there was no need for Zambians to give the PF and President Sata more time when things were not moving in an acceptable manner.

Syakalima also said that the continued uncertainty in the leadership should also prompt MPs to take collective and responsive measures and revoke constitutional provision on the suitability of an individual to continue holding office of the President in the manner the President Sata was doing.

“This challenge is not a new one under the PF.

They have been experiencing this from day one and it is therefore important that the MPs revoke the constitutional provision that looks at the suitability and sound mind of an individual holding such an office. I think it is time a board of medical doctors was constituted to ascertain his state of mind and generally his health,” said Syakalima.

He noted that the mistakes the PF had committed so far pointed or should have forced a government to resign in mature democracies to pave way for rebuilding.



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  1. That’s what I call seriousness in governance! Zambia needs to stand up and be counted among mature governments

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