UPND youths resolve to boycott Youth Day

The United Party for National Development (UPND) youths have resolved to boycott Youth Day celebrations because of the high unemployment levels among the young people.

UPND national youth chairman Likando Mufalali said UPND youths would boycott Youth Day celebrations because government has failed to address a number of challenges affecting young people.

Mufalali said there was no reason for UNPD youths to be part of the celebrations when the PF government had failed to address high levels of unemployment among the youths.

He said the high levels of unemployment among the youths in the country were unprecedented.

“The PF government has failed to create employment for the youths and it wants us to rejoice about it.Most youths are still jobless and we will not participate because there is nothing to be pleased about,” Mufalali said.

He said the PF government had become an enemy of the youths by completely failing to develop policies that would create decent and pensionable employment but found it easy to use them as tools for violence.

Mufalali said the PF had failed the Zambian youths by failing to fulfil the promises it made concerning improving the livelihood of the young people.

He said the promises the PF made were not attainable adding the calibre of the leaders in government was not inspiring the youths.

He said the UPND youths would boycott the celebrations because the PF government had adopted antagonistic and autocratic style of governing the country.

“The opposition leaders have suffered at the hands of the PF government. Leaders of the opposition political parties have been beaten arrested on tramped up charges and detained for not committing any crime and this government wants us to join them in the celebrations. Having known the PF cadres with their impunity and lawlessness, they may just lynch us and we are safer without being part of their celebrations,” Mufalali said.

He said there was no reason that the youths should be celebrating youth day when the PF government has failed to release the new draft constitution.

“Let government address the issues of the constitution which is still pending and the youths would have something to rejoice over. There is a lot of intimidation in the nation and no freedom of expression because people are scared of being arrested for wanting to air out their views. We will not be party of the PF celebrations. Only the PF youths can celebrate this yearyouth day because they have refused to accept that their leaders have failed to govern the,” he said.

Mufalali said youths were experiencing challenges to access bursaries in the Universities and the PF government was spending a lot of money on political ventures such as by-elections.

He said government should extend bursaries tocolleges without limiting the sponsorship to universities because many young people in colleges could not afford to pay for themselves.